There are lots of instruments that are necessary for the construction of wood or cardboard product. One of the famous pieces of equipment is a nail gun, without which you can not make anything theoretically. The importance of a nail gun is indescribable, so you must have one if you are thinking of making some furniture or repairing it by yourself. The best metal connector nailer is the ultimate saver. Your work will be less time-consuming and more efficient. But, how can you buy a nail gun if you are not a professional? And only for the people like you, I would like to consider myself; as a solution to your problem.

I have gathered all possible information available from various sources. So, you can get the perfect idea about the best metal connector nailers. Key features, pros and cons of all the best nail guns, and buying guide will help you buying a nail gun. I hope the article will not disappoint you in any aspect.

Top 10 Reviews of the Best Metal Connector Nailers:

1. BOSTITCH MCN150 Metal Connector Nailer.
2. Metabo Fastening System Positive Placement Nailer.
3. DEWALT DWMC150 Metal Connector Nailer.
4. Paslode F325R Pneumatic Framing Nailer.
5. MAX USA CORP SuperLocator SN438J Nailer.
6. Senco Metal Connector Nailer.
7. Freeman PMC250 Pneumatic Nailer.
8. BOSTITCH Metal Connector Nailer (Strap Shot).
9. Everwin Pneumatic Metal Connector Nailer.
10. Fasco 11366F Strip Nailer.

  1. BOSTITCH Metal Connector Nailer (MCN150)

Best Metal Connector NailerSpecifications:

  • Operating Pressure:80-120 PSI
  • Weights 4.6 lbs
  • Driving Power: 450 Inch Lbs.
  • Height: 10.5 Inches.
  • Magazine Capacity: 29 Nails
  • Thread Fitting:1/4″ NPT

The Bostitch Strapshot Metal Connector Nailer is one of the best metal connector nailer. You can fit this compact nailer into the 12 inches wide area. This function improves the stability of any nailing gun. 1-1/2-inch metal connector nails are perfect for placing a joist hanger, stud plate, or hurricane tie.

Moreover, apply nails with 0.131 0R .148 diameters. The exposed tip helps to adjust the nails on the punched hole of the joist hanger. Thus, this tool gives protection from misfires.

What We Like:

  1. Light-weighted nailer
  2. Reasonable price
  3. Low nail lockout protects from accidental fire
  4. It requires a small space.
  5. Comes with warranty

What We Don’t Like:

  1. It takes only one size of a nail.
  2. Poor durability


  1. Metabo HPT Strap-Tite Fastening System Positive Placement Nailer

Best Metal Connector NailerSpecifications:

  • Air Inlet Size: 0.25 inch
  • Skid Count: 120
  • Height: 13.1875 inches
  • Weight: 4. 6 lbs
  • Magazine Capacity: 44
  • Operating Pressure: 80 – 120 PSI
  • Fastener Length: 1 to 1/2 inch

Metabo metal connector nailers are the right choice if you want to work during metal framing. When you pull the trigger, the nail tip of the nailer rotates, and then the nail fires. So, you can operate it and can reach narrow areas. This tool features a rubber grip that ensures comfortability and a secured grip. It comes in an ultra-lightweight, compact size. You can apply this tool in all places and corners where your need to fire metal nails. Metabo comes with five years warranty and a budget-friendly price.

This nailer provides excellent accuracy and control of your metal connection requirements. NR38AK comes with an adjustable air deflector and dry fire lockout that improves ease of use. The sequential driving technology ensures reliable nail installation. The tool can use the nail as a guide with a positive security feature.

The in-line magazine delivers flexibility for maneuvering. You can adjust the air exhaust with the air deflector technology. Metabo HPT nailer also comes with an exposed nail tip design that ensures proper nail insertion.

What We Like:

  1. A low nail lockout system gives protection from dry fires
  2. Suitable for rough areas.
  3. Long-lasting performance
  4. Rubber grip for higher comfortability
  5. Easy to use

What We Don’t Like:

  1. None


  1. DEWALT Metal Connector Nailer (DWMC150)

DEWALT Metal Connector Nailer (DWMC150)Specifications:

  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Magazine capacity: 29 nails
  • Fastener length: 1-1/2 Inches
  • Fastener diameter: 0.131 to 0 .148 inch
  • Operating pressure: 70 – 120 PSI
  • Height: 10.75 Inches

You will get a hard, durable plastic case with this Dewalt nailer. As it is compact, you can easily balance during the maneuver. It is about 10 inches from head to tail. As a result, it will perfectly fit in a 12-inch slot to finish the work.

At 10.5″ (26.7 cm) height, it easily fits into 12″ (30.5 cm) on-center framing and other small spaces. As the magazine of this tool is small, it is well-balanced too. The equipment is simple to operate. As a result, it has a low capability for nail loading and requires frequent reloading in the middle of the process. With the open nail tip, this machine ensures easy fastener placement made easy with exposed nail tips.

What We Like:

  1. Great durability
  2. Ultra-light, secured grip
  3. It fits in a small area
  4. An adjustable rafter hook ensures ease of use.
  5. Low nail lockout ensures jamming prevention.

What We Don’t Like:

  1. The magazine has a limited capacity.


  1. Paslode, Pneumatic Framing Nailer F325R

Paslode, Pneumatic Framing Nailer F325RSpecifications:

  • ‎Weight: 8.35 pounds
  • Fastener Diameter: .113 to.131 inches
  • Magazine capacity: 44 nails
  • Operating pressure: 90-120 PSI
  • Fastener length: 2 to 3 1/4 inches

The lightweight Paslode framing nailer helps to lower fatigue and delivers balance in small places. You can adjust it between 16″ o.c. nails. It is suitable for blocking or transferring walls. Though Paslode nailers don’t have a ¼-inch male air-hose coupler, you can quickly maneuver in the tight areas. The dynamic nosepiece of the tool ensures proper toe-nailing.

If you want to use this nail gun, first replace the microscopic O-ring. It helps to keep the trigger in place. Then simply change the trigger’s position.

For safety concerns, you can keep your frame firearms on sequential firing, but it would be good to be able to easily switch back and forth if necessary.

What We Like:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Flexible frame
  3. A soft handle gives high comfort.
  4. O-ring maintains balance.

What We Don’t Like:

  1. Unable to switch between consecutive and rapid-fire modes.


  1. MAX USA CORP SuperLocator SN438J Metal Connector Nailer

MAX USA CORP SuperLocator SN438J Metal Connector NailerSpecifications:

  • Weight: 7.79 pounds
  • Magazine capacity: 32
  • Operating Pressure 70 PSI to 120 PSI
  • Air inlet size: 1/4″

Most workers experience double firing in their workplace. Max metal connector nailer reduces friction and helps the inner components to last long. Not a single nail will accidentally hit the point or stuck inside the hole if you use these Max metal connector nailers.

This tool accepts the 0. 131 to 0. 148 diameters nails. It is one of the best metal connector nailer. You never find all the qualities in any other nail gun as it has. A strong connecting handle saves the device from nail blockages and accidental slipping. This contact arm is designed to last for more time. It comes with a denser driver blade that is 1.7 times more reliable than typical driver blades. The exhaust deflector turns 360 degrees. It lets the users effectively filter exhaust air and contaminants far from their faces.

When the first nail is placed onto the wood surface firmly, the anti-double fire nose with extruded metal tip stops a second nail from being accidentally shot. The sharp nose allows the nail tip to fasten accurately into the connectors.

What We Like:

  1. Prevents the spread of contamination from dust particles
  2. Ensures stability
  3. It helps to stop repeated firing
  4. It inhibits explosion.
  5. No maintenance cost

What We Don’t Like:

  1. Expensive


  1. Senco Metal Connector Nailer

Senco Metal Connector NailerSpecifications:

  • Weight: 5.9 pounds
  • Magazine Capacity: 20 Nails
  • Operating Pressure: 70 to 120 PSI
  • Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPT
  • Firing Type: Sequential
  • Height: 14-1/5″
  • Fastener Diameter: .131″ to .162″
  • Fastener length: 1-1/2″ to 2-1/2″

If you use this SENCO metal nail gun, you can nail everything. Furthermore, it accepts a range of nail sizes and types. So, without any doubt, it boosts the flowability of the work. The additional belt and rafter hooks may appear shallow- on first look, but trust me, these features are essential while working all day with this nailer. However, the best part is that it still spares you from purchasing, transporting, and handling multiple items for a simple job.

It takes metal connection nails up to 1-1/2″ in diameter. The extended magazine of the tool can store two nails. For accurate placement in pre-punched gaps, the nosepiece leads with the nail tip. You will get improved force with this nailer to punch through the most challenging surfaces. Dry-fire lockout disables gunfire and alerts during the refilling time.

What We Like:

  • Adjustable exhaust deflector
  • A beneficial tool in rough areas.
  • Well-balanced ergonomics

What We Don’t Like:

  1. Pricey.


  1. Freeman PMC250 Pneumatic Nailer

Freeman PMC250 Pneumatic NailerSpecifications:

  • Weight: 7.21 pounds
  • Operating pressure: 70 – 115 PSI
  • Fastener length: 1-1/2″ to 2-1/2″
  • Magazine capacity:35 nails

Freeman PMC250 Pneumatic Nailer requires 1-1/2′ and 2-1/2″ taco nails. So, you can use this tool in rafter ties, hurricane ties, anchors, post bases, and strapping. The safety mechanism will save you from accidents and also from the gun from possible damage. So, you don’t have to worry about malfunctions, accidental misfires, and accidental pushes on the trigger.

This tool comes with a light-weighted body that is suitable for strapping, and rafter ties. The ergonomic handle reduces fatigue. The exposed nail tip fits the fastener point straight into connector holes for speed and accuracy. The built-in safety feature protects the tool from firing when not in use. For long-lasting endurance, the cylinder and magazine are manufactured with aluminum alloy.

When the nails run out, the anti-dry spark mechanism prevents injuries. You can also divert heat away from the user’s face by rotating the exhaust 360 degrees rotation.

What We Like:

  1. Small and light-weighted
  2. Works with different sizes of nails
  3. The lock feature ensures safety
  4. Comfortable rubber grip for control.
  5. The air-filter tip will provide dust-free components.

What We Don’t Like:

  1. Bulky


  1. BOSTITCH Strap Shot Metal Connector Nailer

BOSTITCH Strap Shot Metal Connector NailerSpecifications:

  • Weight: ‎10.13 pounds
  • Magazine Capacity: 29 nails
  • Fastener Length:1 to 1/2 inch
  • Operating Pressure: 80 – 120 PSI
  • Height: 10.5 inches
  • Fastener Diameter: 0.131” to 0.148″

If you need to extend your room to the house or garage, metal connector nailers make your work easy. Bostitch nailer is one of the best metal connector nails. The pawls of the tip keep the nail in place. It shoots in a direct path when it collides with the drilled holes on the metal connectors.

Moreover, the magazine capacity reduces the reloading time. It also helps to maintain balance and improves efficiency. Furthermore, adjusting the diameter of the nails in that magazine is extremely difficult as it takes so long.

BOSTITCH Strapshot Nails comes with a light design that fits in 12″ O.C. joists. The down nail lockout feature minimizes explosions. The exclusive safety mechanism of the tool controls malfunctions. The exposed nail point inserts the fastener point straight to the connector ports. It is for a rapid and accurate installation.

What We Like:

  1. Protects from misfiring
  2. Large capacity magazine.
  3. Can shoot various nails
  4. Minimal fatigue
  5. Use 1-1/2″ collated metal connection nails

What We Don’t Like:

  1. Heavy
  2. Excess unloading time


  1. Everwin Pneumatic Metal Connector Nailer

Everwin Pneumatic Metal Connector NailerSpecifications:

  • Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Height: 10.3″
  • Fastener length: 1-½ inch
  • Operating Pressure: 70 to 100 PSI

Don’t worry about attaching hangers, foundation caps and hurricane ties, and foundation caps. Everwin Pneumatic Metal Connector Nailer makes your life easy. Because of its lightness, this nailer is ideal for overhead nailing. It can work for a lengthy period. You can rotate the exhaust to I360 degrees for increasing convenience.

Many brands of metal connector nails don’t offer anti-kickback features. Though it comes at a low price, The nail size can attach with joist hooks, hurricane connections, and base caps to any rough surface. The belt hook of the nailer provides high comfort.

What We Like:

  1. Affordable price
  2. Anti-kickback feature
  3. You can adjust the exhaust system
  4. Enhances comfortability
  5. Easy to operate
  6. Safety trigger lock

What We Don’t Like:

  1. None


  1. Fasco 11366F Strip Nailer-Scrailer

Fasco Strip Nailer-ScrailerSpecifications:

  • ‎Weight: 5.85 pounds
  • Height: 11.20″
  • Length: 12.83″
  • Pressure: 80 – 120 PSI
  • Fastener Length: max .148 inches
  • Width: 4.48″
  • Capacity: 62 nails

The metal shields on every corner of the nailer’s tip are quite impressive. No matter how skilled you are, nails and other instruments on the project may get broken. These shields can provide an extra layer of protection against any shocks and accidents. Furthermore, the Fasco Framing Nailer has all-metal components that help to increase ultimate durability.

To change settings, you simply pull the trigger. Once you turn it in, ensure you’re not connected to a ventilation system. The double-shot nail frequently fires at an angle and stays in the plastic screen at the tip. These plastic barriers keep collation material from floating around, but I find them more hassle than help. The Multi-magazine feature allows them to work with strip nails and solid hooks. Thus, you can manage any sort of fastener your project wants.

The rubber ergonomic handle offers a non-slip grip while lowering shocks and discomfort. Roof joists, beams and drywall, bridges, and caskets are great platforms to use Fasco metal connector nailers. It can shoot for a long time without causing tiredness. The rubber grip features enough shaping. This feature makes the weapon comfortable and safe to carry.

Fasco Framing Nailer comes with single and bump shooting options. Rather than flipping triggers or a pulling button, it features a pin. Switch on it for bump shooting and out for single firing. This tool is extremely straightforward to use.

What We Like:

  1. Removes blockage
  2. Non-traditional mode switching option
  3. Budget-friendly price
  4. Excellent performance
  5. Comfortable grip handle

What We Don’t Like:

Sometimes air leaks out from the exhaust


Why Should You Use a Metal Connector Nailer?

If you already have a whole day, you can use a hammer to fasten the metal connectors to the frame. But how will you choose the best metal connector, the best positive placement nailer? With an open tip, a metal connector exposes the nail’s tip. Hence, you can know about the right tip. Nailing guns don’t have these features.

When it comes to placing nails in a mall area, put a palm nailer instead of a metal connecting nailer. But palm nailers can not provide long-lasting performance like a metal connector nailer.


How to Choose the Best Metal Connector Nailer?

  • Durability:

Every tool should have the surety of durability. You can not buy an instrument many times in a year. So, check if the nail gun can work in any environment or not. In the time of working outdoors, you can not pretend to weather. If the nail gun stops working in the middle of the job because of the downpour, then you might not have the durable one. Thus, durability is the most factor for a nail gun.

  • The Exposed Tip:

While buying a nail gun, you have to look for the exposed tip. The tip helps to hold the nails before putting them into the small holes. Also, the exposed tip directs the nail gun accurately to the horizontal path. So, you must have the feature in your nail gun.

  • For Larger Projects:

In the case of larger gauge nails, the nail gun should have a framing nailer. It is helpful in vast tasks. Besides, if you are thinking of doing plaster, then the framing nailer is necessary.

  • Plan Tasks:

Before buying the best positive placement nail gun, you have to fix your plan. Different jobs need nail guns of different sizes and weights.

You can not get an accurate result from the small nail gun if the task is massive. Thus, planning is essential.

  • especially for Small Tasks:

To do a small task, you might think of getting an instrument assistant. And the finish nailer is the same. It will not only make your work easy but also will not create cracks in the surface. With the help of the finished nailer, small works indoor will be much more efficient.

  • The Size of the Nailer:

You must check the nailer size. If the size is smaller than your working nails, then you will face trouble. Make sure you have seen the nailer size before buying the nail gun.


Can I use my nail gun for joist hangers?

There are lots of things you can do with the help of a nail gun. But the result varies from nail gun to nail gun. Some nail guns are capable of huge tasks, while some are made for only small indoor work. Depending on the situation, I have the answer to the question.

Theoretically, you can not use nail guns to joist hangers. It is too heavy for the instrument to carry the load. Though, everything has a way out. So do with the problem. In the case of a pneumatic gun, you have to keep in mind that you can only use two nail guns.

The first one is a Metal fastener gun. It is one of the best and most efficient equipment for joist hangers. In the physical appearance of the nail gun, you will get a guide point tip. It is for the straight horizontal alignment. Another one is the Palm nailer. If you are on a tight budget, then this is the one for you. In the end, you can do the whole task, with a hammer too! But I am not aware you can get the same result as from the nail gun.


What kind of nailer do you use for joist hangers?

Now, let’s come to the main issue. If you are so determined to use a nailer to joist hangers, then MCN150 – STRAPSHOT™ Metal Connector Nailer by Bostitch is a perfect choice.

The design of the nail gun permits it perfectly fit into the space of 12″ O.C. joists. The nail gun shoots 0.131″ – 0.148″ diameter connector nails wrapped in 1-1/2″ paper tape.

As the nail gun is a machine, it always has the possibility of a fire accident. And to prevent its entire body, the nail gun has an extraordinary safety function within it. Also, there is a low nail lockout. It prevents dry fires from happening.

Additionally, the design of the nail tip accelerates nail shooting. So, it can run through the nail precisely.

The nail gun is extraordinarily work-friendly. If you start using it, you can not get comfortable with any other.

Functionalism is the most attractive. The nailer sticks to the nail until it reaches the hole fully and perfectly. As a result, you can hang the hanger at any point. So, this will make your task more convenient. For that, you will need to hold the gun in your hand and place it on the wall in a straight position. Then, relax the machine and let him fire to the end of the hole. The metal connector nail gun is the right choice for joist hangers.

As the nail gun is heavier than the usual one, you can not keep working for hours. This is pretty much a shallow disadvantage in the vast bowl of advantages. Once you bought the nail gun, the joist hangers no longer exist for you.

The metal connector nail gun is such a thing. It gives the best of its services.



Q: How does a metal connector nailer work?

A: Metal connector nailers use compressed air from a compressor to power an internal hammer mechanism that drives nails through the hole in the metal connectors at an angle into wood or steel framing members. The user simply needs to position the tip of the gun over the hole in the metal connector and pull the trigger to drive a nail.

Q: What types of metal connectors can be used with a metal connector nailer?

A: Metal connector nailers are designed to work with many different types of metal connectors, such as plates and straps. These nails can also be used to fasten drywall tracks, ceiling channels, and other similar items.

Q: How much force is required when using a metal connector nailer?

A: The amount of force required will depend on the type and size of the metal connector being used. Generally, it takes between 30-50 pounds (13-22 kg) of pressure to properly seat the nails into most framing members.

Q: Are there any safety precautions when using a metal connector nailer?

A: Yes, there are several safety precautions to take when using a metal connector nailer. Always make sure you wear protective eyewear when operating the tool and keep your hands away from the tip of the gun at all times. Additionally, it is important to read and follow the user manual before use. It is also essential to check that all connections and hoses are properly connected before beginning work. Finally, never point the gun at anyone or anything while in operation.

Q: What kind of maintenance should be done on a metal connector nailer?

A: To ensure optimal performance and long-term reliability, it is important to perform regular maintenance on your metal connector nailer. This includes checking for any worn or damaged parts, lubricating moving parts, and cleaning the tool regularly. It is also important to check the nail supply periodically to ensure that all nails are in good condition. Following these steps will help keep your metal connector nailer operating safely and efficiently.

Q: What other tools are needed when using a metal connector nailer?

A: When using a metal connector nailer, you may need additional tools such as a tape measure, hammer, level, chisel, and pliers. Additionally, you may need safety glasses as well as ear protection if the compressor is particularly loud. Finally, it is important to have an air hose with appropriate fittings to connect the compressor to the nailer.

Concluding Remarks:

If you have the perfect equipment, it will make your work easy than usual. So, buying a nail gun is a must. I have presented all the essential information about choosing the best nail gun for anyone. You can always take professional advice. But I believe my writing will be enough to get an appropriate idea about buying a nail gun. I hope it will be beneficial if you go through the whole writing. Let me know how my article helped you out. Best of luck!

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