If you are a woodworker, you are most likely encountering to open your miter saw. As well as if you are a new customer, after that this point is a bit challenging for you. Do not fret; we are below to give you the perfect service for your finest cost-effective miter saw. So the initial concern is how do you comprehend that the Dewalt miter saw is unlocked or secured? It is not so difficult to understand. Allow’s begin finding out; If the knob is right, then it is secured; otherwise, it is unlocked. Now we are most likely to learn about Dewalt miter saw how to unlock it.

If you wish to begin your cutting, you require to open it first. As miter saw has numerous devices and also each one, you need to open for the particular jobs. There are numerous lock systems readily available like swivel lock, rail lock, angle lock, bevel lock, and also blade lock. We will certainly discuss every unlocking system detailed.


  1. With pushing and pulling the handle, locking, and also opening done. This procedure in some cases varies from one to another.
  2. Angle lock controlled by the 2 locks on the front side of the saw. You hold the maker and launch the bar.
  3. Swivel locks open process is rather very easy. You need to rotate the bar and dispirit as well as set it at a personalized angle. Currently, begin your miter cut.
  4. If you are intensely careful while rail locking with naked teeth of the blade; it immersed under the table, it would certainly be best. If the arm is folded setting, you must not open the blade.
  5. For blade unlock, maintain pressing the head down and also pull on the pin till launch.

There are numerous miter saw readily available out there. Many brands have a different locking system. But the basic is virtually the same. So from the above, we can make sure that unlocking your miter saw is not such a hard task. We hope our idea aids you to unlock your miter saw. Please use your miter saw with safety.



For brand-new individual locking as well as opening system can be challenging for a newbie user. To it is very vital to recognize the lock system of a miter saw quite possibly. Typically, miter saw needs to lock system:

Front Lock: This lock assists to manage the angles of the cuts.

Back Lock: This lock aids to control the blade up and down.

Rather, there are likewise a few locking systems available in a miter saw. They are:

Blade Lock: You can discover this as a pin situated rear side of a miter saw. To secure this, you push the head down and pull the pin right into it; after that, it is secure.

Swivel Lock: This lock helps to rotate the connected point up and down or horizontally. A little lever is utilized to secure a number of miter angles.

Rail Lock: This lock is located on the base of the blade arm. It aids to secure the arm for certain cuts.

Angle Lock: It is managed by the 2 locks on the front side of the saw.

Bevel Lock: All miter saws do not have a bevel lock system. A spring-type picture or bar will certainly help you to secure the bar. You need to push and also hold it, as well as if you find any kind of needed angle just lock it with the pin.