The Hercules professional double bevel sliding miter saw was designed to be as good as the industry’s leading professional miter saw, but at a fraction of the price, Dewalt is the benchmark for professional miter saws. They are terrific saws, but they are expensive. Hercules and Dewalt both are masters in their performance. Now we will give you in detail both of these miters. Here is the review of the Hercules vs DeWalt miter saw.


Hercules vs dewalt miter saw

So let’s see how Hercules holds its own against the best DeWalt miter saw. Both Hercules and DeWalt can cut seven-and-a-half-inch crown molding vertically nested. Both can cut six and three-quarters-inch baseboards against the fence, and both have a fourteen-inch horizontal crosscut capacity. Also, both saws can miter fifty degrees left and sixty degrees right.

The Hercules miter saw features an LED precision blade guide system. Just like the Dewalt, the Hercules miter saw features an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with ten positive stops. Just like the DeWalt, both saws have a miter detent override, and both have a double bevel design with positive stops at the most common bevel angles. Also, like the DeWalt, the Hercules saw comes with a 12-inch blade with a thin curve for maximum cutting efficiency. Both have a 15 amp motor.

The Hercules motor has an output of 4100 rpm while the Dewalt is at 3800. Just like the DeWalt, the Hercules has an industry-proven dual horizontal stainless steel rail system. Both saws were 56 pounds. The Hercules watt is built to last and is ergonomically designed, so it’s easy to handle and convenient to transport. The Hercules professional 12-inch miter saw was designed to be as good as the best and it’s an unbeatable value.


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Precise cuts from crown molding and baseboards to stair treads dimensional lumber. The new Hercules professional 12-inch double bevel sliding miter saw is packed with all the features and performance of the bestselling professional miter saw on the market.

Hercules miter saw delivers professional results with the same cutting capacity and same precision and accuracy the same durability and corresponding weight and portability but at a fraction of the price. This delivers all the performance and features a professional contractor could want. This saw provides a large vertical and horizontal cutting capacity. It can cut up to 7-and-a-half-inch crown molding nested and up to 6 and 3-quarter-inch baseboards against the fence. This Saw also has a 14-inch horizontal cross-cut capacity that handles all applications virtually. Including cutting through stair tread or more extensive shelving. With a miter saw accuracy means everything.  From your first cut to a thousand cuts later, it needs to be right every time.

The Hercules features an LED precision blade guide system that allows better visibility and accurate cuts every time. The Hercules features an adjustable stainless steel detent plate with ten positive stops for easy accuracy when fine adjustment is needed the miter detent override allows you to adjust to your exact angle quickly and precisely. Its double bevel design with positive stops at the most common aspects on a large scale makes bevel cuts fast and straightforward. At 25 kg, the Hercules as it’s light as the professional market leader, and its ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to carry and convenient to transport. It comes with a 60-tooth blade.


The saw is powered by a 1675-watt motor for a variable speed from 1900 to 3800 rpm. High-end in terms of power, therefore, and we can tell you that it feels a lot during the cut. It can cut aluminum (thanks to the speed variation to adjust the cut to the material), PVC, and of course, wood, all with high precision and speed. Dewalt Miter saw excels in making transverse grooves thanks to its saw head diving limiter. The cutting angle is easily adjustable using notches in 10 different positions. The head is tillable from -49 ° to 49 ° with a locking device. The saw can, therefore, make angled cuts to the left and the right, unlike many competing saws.

One of the significant strengths of this Dewalt miter saw is its XPS lighting system. It offers a vision of the cutting area. We then have a perfect view of the cutting line, allowing us to work with the best precision. The Dewalt miter saw comes with a high-end 305 mm diameter carbide blade for 60 teeth. Suffice it to say that when cutting our 80 mm high pine rafters, the saw did not flinch, and the cutting cleanliness was just perfect. Note the maximum cutting depth, which is 170 mm. The rails ensuring the radial functionality are designed in Bronze to ensure better fluidity and, therefore, better cutting precision. The double rear stopper will allow you to block your large section pieces to keep maximum stability easily.

The dust collector bag is very efficient and does not allow any sawdust to escape (unlike other models of miter saw), thus allowing it to work in a clean and secure environment. The table is designed in cast aluminum, the saw seems very robust, and the finishes are excellent. And between us, we will not lie, but this saw is lovely, although a little imposing. You will still need a little space to store it. The small negative point that we could note is its weight of 24.8 Kg.


  1. Is Hercules 12″ Sliding Miter Saw a clone of Dewalt DWS780?

    No, it’s not actually a clone. The new Hercules miter saw looks very similar to a Dewalt DWS780 miter saw which is also a double bevel sliding 12-inch miter saw.

  2. Is Hercules better than DeWalt?

    Right now, the Hercules averages 565 RPM, and DeWalt is really a long way behind at 429 RPM. That is 32% faster drilling for Hercules under a moderate load.

  3. Do Hercules batteries fit DeWalt tools?

    The Dewalt battery will not work on a Hercules tool. It’s already been tried and they don’t fit.

  4. Is the Hercules miter saw good?

    This Hercules has been Designed with a similar cutting limit, precision, accuracy, and durability as the top-rated professional miter saws available on the market.

  5. Are Hercules tools good?

    Yes, Hercules’s tools are good enough.

In this article, we’ve explained Hercules vs DeWalt miter saw. If you are trying to find out which one is the best, then it depends on the usage and what type of outcome you want. Hopefully, through this article, you can measure your requirements and purchase your desired one.