A table saw is a woodcutter that can provide you with the comfort needed when cutting wood with precision. It’s bi-far better than a conventional bare tool. Do you know how much is a table saw? However, there are several types of table saws. Indeed, that’s why you’d always find the prices to vary. It’s very expedient that you identify the types of table saw that would suit your needs first. It’s after you had done that, you can check if the price range meets your budget or not. Better still, you can check out the alternatives that would suit your needs and match the range of prices on them, too. It’s when you’ve also done that you can make the right transaction. And guess what? This report would aid you to have an insight into the whole purview. It would be enumerating the range of costs and the factors that determines the prices. As a matter of fact, it’s providing you with the whole renowned types.

It’ll also be giving you notable and comprehensive guidelines for buying them. The ultimate truth is that you can use this report irrespective of your budget or for whatsoever reasons you’re buying a table saw. It’s definitely one that would aid and make safe your hustle in the whole transacting process. So, let’s check the details out below.

How Much is A Table Saw?


The type of table saw that you could buy at this rate is the benchtop table saw, and the mini table saw. We wouldn’t want to be mentioning brand names because the price can change at anytime soon. Nonetheless, this information would aid you to be straightforward whenever you’ve made your budget. Besides, neither can you use them to execute large tasks nor refurbish already-made woodwork of big sizes. However, you can use them to make quick cuts on tiny pieces of wood when renovating your house. The two could be used as a learning tools also.


An advanced tool for a benchtop table saw is the Jobsite table saw. It has a better fence and smoother surface compared to benchtop table saws. The power it generates is magnificent, too. The table is optimum for those who have little space to save their units. They are luggable also. In fact, one can put it inside a car and lug it around for commercial purposes. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t want to say this is more durable than the former.

However, it only depends on how one uses it after the purchase. The aftermarket products of the two are less expensive compared to some types. That’s why this type is recommended for DIYers and enthusiasts only.


It’s a hybrid table saw that falls in this range the most; why? That’s because the futuristic are combinations of contractor and cabinet table saws. In other words, you tend to find it in different forms, but it’s the best alternative to the two. It proffers the solutions to the cons and pros of the two. They often have cabinet stands and wheels, which you can use to move them from one place to another. The motor that this type uses is somewhat as dependable as the contractor table saws.

However, the default you find after you had purchased a product is a result of the product you end up buying, so do proper research before buying.


The cheapest products that fall in this range are contractor table saws, and they constitute a lot of noise, unlike cabinet table saws with a larger size for rugged cutting of wood which constitute next to no noise. The hauling of dust from the top is quite better than that of a contractor table saw. In a nutshell, although you’re bound to get more precise cuts and conveniences with cabinet table saws, it’s costlier than the former.

However, the tip is that if you’d prefer having many machines for a start, you can start with the purchase of contractor table saws to save more money. But you’d need to keep high maintenance on them.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Table Saw:

How Much is A Table Saw

1. Usability:

You need to check the size of the spaces you’ve made available first before ordering one. Moreover, it’s the imagination that would help you envisage the comfort you’d enjoy in the future. Also, imagine buying a product that is basically for industrial use for your usage, that’s not going to be palatable for use at all; why?

It would constitute nuisances and make the vicinity unsafe for children. However, in cases one needs a dependable unit that can function as well as those for industrial purposes, then one can opt for the Hybrid table saws. That would be safer and more prudent for the prospective user.

2. Affordability:

As you can see, each type has a range of price tags. You can always opt for the very one that suits your primary budget. You can ultimately do that by prioritizing each brand’s brand equity over the other. This would help you to know what you’re to expect in the long haul.

Another tactical approach you can opt for is to properly review a product that you’ve enticed your interest. Take your time to know what other nominal buyers are saying about it. It would aid you to be on the safer side, too. Nonetheless, the best approach for buying an affordable unit is using the two suggestions. It’s better that way, you know?

3. Reliability:

There is a need for you to consider checking out the warranty that comes with a specific product. It’s the warranty that you’d use to determine the level of confidence you can gain with the purchase. You could also use the reviews of a product as a criterion in giving a verdict on it. Also, you’d need to check the ripping capacity of a product and see whether it would effortlessly do the work that you expect.

Check the motor and see the prospective conveniences. On the other hand, it’s expedient to know what each table saw is all about and opt directly for the one that would sate you.

4. Ease of Use:

If you’d be using a table saw outdoors, then you shouldn’t purchase those whose tops are made with cast iron except if you want to buy one with wheels. You need to check the impediments with other factors.

See how you can cope with the use of a prospective product not only for now but also for the nearest future’s interest. Also, check out the expenses of replacing the accessories you are about to buy. It will help if you make your full evaluations before you make your verdict. It’s the best way of maintaining absolute frugality.

5. The Brand:

How much is a table saw worth? Although there are several brands, premium brands have several models. If you’re buying from a renowned brand, you can always leverage it to choose one among the rest that will suit your taste. Peradventure, you’re inured to the purchase of products from a specific brand, you can always inquire about what they’ve got before checking alternatives. That’s the safest way of making the right choice.

Now that you’ve known how much does a table saw costs and how much table saws are sold, you can proceed with the purchase. Buy a product that would make you a better professional, even for a low cost. You can always depend on the tips we’ve provided, even for the purchase of aftermarket products.