Are you planning to buy a band saw anytime soon? We’d be glad if you can go through this Porter Cable 9 Inch Band Saw review. The saw has numerous wonderful features that you should see. The chances are high that you may eventually settle for it. The only downside we see here are some complaints about customer service from people who were not happy with their purchase – but this product is not too bad. With its strong motor and durable construction, it’s hard to find many faults with this particular bandy saw!  Here are some of the features of the band saw.

1. Ease of Use:

If you are a beginner, we will recommend this 9-Inch Porter Cable Band Saw and Woodskil 3A 9-Inch Band Saw to you because both are designed with beginners in mind. You will be able to find your way around it easily. Of course, we know that it looks complex. However, it is very easy to understand.  We will only advise you to read its user manual before you start using it.

2. Fantastic Cutting Speed:

One of the features of a good saw is its high cutting speed. This saw has a very high cutting speed, and that’s why we chose it. It has a cutting speed of 2,500 FPM. That is a very impressive speed. With such a high cutting speed, making cuts will be fun for you.

3. Tilts up to 45 degrees:

Another feature that we find interesting about it is the tilting of the table. The table can tilt up to 45 degrees. So, you can make angled cuts. We also noticed that its angled cuts are very accurate. Accuracy is another reason to choose the saw over others.

4. Durability:

Its body and all its components are made of steel. So, the machine is rugged, tough, and very durable. If you maintain it well, it could last for decades. If durability is a top priority for you, this is an ideal band saw for you.

5. Versatility:

The saw can be used to cut different types of wood. There’s no type of wood that this saw cannot handle. When you purchase it, you won’t need to worry about whether it can cut through a certain type of wood or not. The machine does well with all wood.

6. Affordability:

Due to its impressive features, you may think that it will cost a fortune. Well, contrary to your thought, this stationary saw costs below $200. It is highly affordable. Many of its users gladly admitted that its great price is one of the reasons why they chose it.

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Other features of the saw

  • Color: Grey
  • Amperage: 2.5 amps
  • Blade length: 5.5 inches
  • Throat Capacity: 9 inches
  • Maximum Cutting Height: 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 39.6 pounds
  • Table Angle: 0 – 45 degrees
  • Bevel Stop: 45 degrees

Signs of a dull blade

Many beginners do not know when the blade of their saw is dull. That’s why we have listed some common signs of a dull blade below.

  1. Following a cut line will gradually become more difficult.
  2. The motor of the saw may become a little noisier when making cuts.
  3. Burn marks may start to appear.
  4. There may be increased cases of chipping and tear-outs when making cuts.

When you notice more than one of the signs listed above, you should understand that the blade of your saw is dull/blunt. You need to sharpen or replace it.

Based on the features listed in the Porter Cable 9 Inch Band Saw review, we will recommend the product to everyone.



1. Porter Cable bandsaw manual says not to cut metal…Why?

The Porter cable is designed for wood and plastic. It has no bearing on how well it cuts metal. If you want a bandsaw that can cut metal, get one with a metal cutting blade installed.

2. what would need to be done other than a metal cutting?

You’d have to make sure that your blade is sharp enough to cut through the material of the band saw itself. That’s why there are blades made specifically for cutting through steel.
If you’re worried about getting injured while using the bandsaw, you should probably invest in a safety fence.

3. What do you mean by ‘blade guard’?

Blade guards prevent injuries caused by the blade hitting your hands. They usually consist of a piece of rubber or plastic that covers the area where the blade exits the housing.

4. How much does a Porter Cable 9 inch band saw cost?

$150-200 at


Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a band saw that is easy to use, has plenty of power, and can cut through just about anything within reason, the Porter-Cable 9 Inch Band Saw should be your go-to tool. This model is perfect for professional woodworkers or hobbyists alike who need an affordable option with all the features they need in one package. With its strong motor and durable construction, it’s hard to find many faults with this particular bandy saw! We hope you found these insights into what makes this