We came up with this Ryobi Brushless Circular Saw Review because we feel that you should see it before you buy a saw or before you replace your old saw. This is not a promotion but an unbiased review. So, you will get to see its features, benefits, and shortcoming(s).  We say things as they really are. So, you can count on this review.

Also, we will like to make it clear to you that we are not affiliated with this brand or any other brand. So, we are not promoting the saw.  Sit back and read this review to the end. You’ll be glad you did.

Pros of this circular saw:

1.    Three-year warranty

The first thing that impressed us about the Ryobi circular saw is its 3-year warranty. When you buy the Ryobi saw, if anything goes wrong with it within the first three years of purchase, it will be either replaced or fixed for you free of search. We understand that not every seller offers this warranty on the saw. So, you may need to purchase it from a seller that does.

We also understand that some brands use warranties as a selling gimmick. They promise but do not offer it.  So, we ran through the user reviews of this saw to find out if there is any issue of warranty not being fulfilled, but we didn’t come across any. However, it might be a good idea if you take the time to read the warranty terms so that you’ll be on the same page with the brand/distributor on the warranty.

2.    LED light

Ryobi Brushless Circular Saw offers an LED light that illuminates your cut line. This is very important for jobs that require accuracy. Illuminating your cut line will eliminate shadows and give you a chance to make an accurate cut.  Both professionals and beginners need this feature. Of course, we were impressed with the feature because only very few circular saws offer the feature.

3.    High Efficiency

Its cutting capacity is another interesting feature of this saw. It cuts very fast without having to apply much pressure. Its cutting speed is 3,800 RPM, which is very impressive. That’s why it provides very smooth cuts. Also, using it will make cutting easier for you. We appreciate this feature because we have used more difficult-to-use saws in the past. So, we could discern the difference.

We also believe that people who have been using hard saws will be able to relate to this advantage.  Cutting is indispensable in woodwork. And the type of saw you use will have a huge impact on the outcome of your cuttings.

4.    Higher Rating

By our standard, we consider user ratings of products. This is because users are in the best position to tell you how a product performs. They give unbiased reviews. They will mention all its pros and its cons.  On the other hand, the reviews of advertisers and manufacturers are veiled promotions. They barely talk about the drawbacks of their products. Instead, they’ll hype its advantages.

This is why we’d rather base our judgments on our findings and user reviews. That being said, any product that has a high rating is a good product. Our threshold is 3.0 stars out of 5. Any product that has a rating lower than 3.0 stars may still be a good product, but it falls below our standards.

This is why we are glad to inform you that after 182 ratings, this brushless circular saw has a current market rating of 4.5 stars. This is way higher than the 3.0 threshold.  So, it is a pass mark as far as we are concerned.

5.    Ability to make complex cuts

When it comes to straight and simple cuts, almost every saw can do that. But only very few saws can make bevel cuts and other complex cuts.  This Ryobi circular saw can do that.  It is among the saws that can make complex cuts easily as long as you know how to handle it well.  The saw can cut at complex angles like 0 to 56 degrees cuts. This is one of the reasons why it has a very high rating.

6.    Dust blower

This is another wonderful innovation of this Ryobi circular saw. The saw has a dust blower that keeps blowing sawdust away as it cuts. This will make your cut line very visible at every given time. This will also aid accuracy.

7.    Battery-operated

This Ryobi Brushless Circular Saw saw is battery-operated, so you can take it anywhere with you. It is not restricted to only places with electricity. There are certain tasks that you don’t need to bring to your workshop. You can go there with this saw and execute the project over there. You don’t need to worry whether there is power in the location or not. Unfortunately, the saw does not come with a battery. You have to purchase one.

8.    Portability

The circular saw is also portable. That is why it is very easy to carry around. Its weight of 6.6 pounds further reinforces its portability. You’ll agree that a weight of 6.6 pounds should be easier for you to carry around.

9.    Ease of Use and Affordability

Based on the information that we got from users and what we found out, you don’t have to be an expert to be able to use this circular saw. It is very easy to use. Also, considering its cutting efficiency, it offers much more than its cost. Initially, when we saw its current price, we didn’t expect much from it, but we were stunned by its performance.


The only drawback that we found out in this saw is that it does not come with a battery. You have to buy it. Apart from that, there’s no other shortcoming on the product.


To wrap up the Ryobi Brushless Circular Saw review, we will recommend the saw to you and everyone. This is because of its numerous benefits. Also, we are glad that its pros far outweigh and outnumber its con. It is our belief that every great product has its shortcoming(s), but its benefits always outnumber its cons. Therefore, we highly recommend this circular saw.