Day: August 28, 2023

How to Rip a Board With a Circular Saw?

  To rip a board with a circular saw, lay down a sacrificial sheet on your work table, mark the ripping line, clamp the board down using quick grip clamps, adjust the blade height, and then carefully rip the board. Tools...

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What is a Riving Knife on a Table Saw?

  A riving knife on a table saw is a safety device that prevents kickback by keeping the workpiece from binding against the blade. Table saws are powerful tools used for cutting wood and other materials. They consist of a...

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How to Use a Band Saw?

  To use a band saw, set up the machine, adjust the blade height and tension, choose the appropriate blade for your project, and feed the material through the saw while keeping your hands clear of the blade. The band saw is...

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