A miter saw is a tool that will save a great deal of time on your websites requiring the job of bits of timber and shaking it using exact angles. It is also going to give you work securely and provide you with a higher quality outcome than working only by hand. Whether to reduce plinths, paneling, boards, or joists, these components will at some stage or another be cut and worked at an angle. The miter saw is ideal for this function. In This Website, we describe to you just how this instrument is an asset on your websites, and that we examine and compare the various versions. Our reviews of the 8 best miter saw for beginners may help you this way.

A miter saw is a machine for making miter cuts. That is, cross-sections at the ends of various pieces of wood, form an angle, often joined to another piece with the corresponding angle to make a finished angle. Most of the time, the miter cuts are made at a 45-degree angle, but this can change depending on the site and needs, between zero and 90 degrees. To summarize, a miter saw allows you to cut pieces of wood so that you can join them together at the ends, thanks to a clean and precise angle cut. Miter saws can be manual or electric. Here we will talk about the best miter saw for beginners.



1. DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779)

BEST MITER SAWDeWALT is a well-known power tool manufacturer. They make everything from nail guns to power generators, to drills, electric screwdrivers, and much more. A DeWALT DWS779 miter saw is what is known as a double-bevel compound miter saw. It swivels from the side by side and tilts vertically in both directions.

Additionally, it slides back and forth, providing it with a role similar to a circular saw. That permits you to cut wider planks onto it. There’s a reason why the DeWALT DWS779 12″ dual bevel is the best miter saw for fine woodworking and furniture making. It’s easy to use and also a power horse. The cutting capabilities are impressive, 13 3/4″ full cross-cut, 50-60 deg miter angle up, and cuts to 49 deg bevel angle cuts. It includes so many convenient features like depth stop, bevel angle ceases, miter angle detents, tall fences, and easy precision alterations. You can buy this one from a variety of places.

Key Features:

  • It is a high-quality power tool.
  • It has a 15-AMP engine that produces 3,800 RPM for expanded power.
  • Its back-fence configuration can make cuts at 90-degree points (up to 2″x16″), and 45-degree points (up to 2″x12″).
  • An automatic electric brake that has cut helical gears.
  • The compact, trivial design (56 lbs.) allows for comfortable transport and storage

2. DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Double Bevel (DWS780)

BEST MITER SAWThe DeWALT DWS780 uses a 12-inch diameter blade, stands 19 inches high, and stays 24 inches in diameter. You may use it to cut up boards to 6 3/4 inches thick up to 16 inches wide, with up to a 60-degree cut into the correct and 50 degrees to your left side. It’s corded, which means you will need to be sure you have an extension cable and a suitable socket available to plug it. The bevel tilt extends up to 45 degrees to either the right or left, and it comes with a dust bag that will grab up to 75 percent of your sawdust.

This DWS780 cheap compound miter saw model offers strong development and has the new XPS cross-cut arrangement framework with an improved ultra-splendid LED light, which enables the client to see exactly where the sharp edge will interact with the material by throwing a laser-like shadow. This incredible, 15-amp, 3800 RPM instrument highlights sturdy gatekeeper’s accuracy machined castings, fences, an angled framework, and sturdy treated steel detent plates that are intended to hold up to the thorough requests of the place of work.

Key Features:

  • Smaller, lightweight structure (56 lbs.) convenient to carry in vehicle and capacity.
  • A super-efficient dust assortment system gathers near about 75 percent of the dust generated by the work & keeps the workplace neat and clean.
  • Excessively productive residue assortment framework catches over 75% of residue created.
  • Back fence configuration slices up to 2×16 dimensional wood at 90° and 2×12 at 45°.
  • It enables you to slant from zero to 49 degrees with ten positive stops. These stoppages are at 0 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 33.9 degrees, 45 degrees, and 49 degrees in both right and left angles.

3. Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD Dual-Bevel Miter Saw 

BEST MITER SAWThe Bosch GCM12SD is equivalent in capacity to the DeWalt, with a 15 amp, 3,800 RPM engine. Its cutting limit is around two inches less in a straight cut. This is one of the best miter saw for beginners This is a saw that should almost certainly be utilized by individuals who couldn’t care less about transportability.

The high ratings across the board make contending against the value of this saw exceptionally hard. It is undoubtedly in the higher-end price bracket. However, are similar crosscut miter saws in its class. The truth is, the majority of the time you get precisely what you pay for–with this saw you might even become more than you recompense for. Especially when you consider how much damn work it is possible to get done and just how painless that work could be.

Key Features:

  • The amazing 15-amp engine turns the 12-inch cutting edge at 3800 RPM
  • Included a 12-inch (60-tooth) sharp edge, workpiece clip, and residue sack.
  • A miter limit of 52 degrees left and 60 degrees right. Incline limit of 47 degrees left and 47 degrees right
  • Ambidextrous & ergonomic trigger makes the cutting process so flexible.
  • Furnished with a programmed electric brake, intended to stop the cutting edge within 5 seconds of discharging the trigger

4. Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10″ Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10Hitachi C10FCG has a 15-amp motor, which makes all hard-cutting tasks fast and easy. For extra versatility, this miter saw utilizes a miter angle range of 0-52 degrees right and left. The motor uses also grows 2.57 horsepower, which makes it one of the quickest saws on the market. Each cut made is quite precise and incredibly tidy, as a consequence of the layout of this item’s 0 to the 45-degree bevel range.

If you require various forms of cutting from multiple angles, this miter saw can perform a perfect job. Without breaking planks, it may cut unique angles. It is a very lightweight saw with high flexibility. It’s one of the lightest and best miter saw for beginners on the market. The ranges of this miter are Everywhere from a stationary 0 degrees to a whopping 52 Levels, to help make even those hopeless bevel cuts Potential. The handle on top is horizontal Instead of vertical that provides you with a much better grasp, and a better grip, and will Make Certain You’re making clean cuts

Key Features:

  • Angle range from 0 to 52 degrees with a simple touch of a button.
  • 15-amp motor and the engine speed is 5,000 rpm
  • Amazing guiding system for cutting a perfect angle.
  • bevel range of zero to 45 degrees to the left only
  • 24-pound weight.
  • Highly flexible arm and tits to the right to left.

5. Metabo HPT C10FCGS 10″ Compound Miter Saw

Metabo HPT Miter saw is a high-power Hitachi tool and super lightweight miter saw machine in the market. For quick adjustments, it has thumb-actuated positive stops, and for secure hold, it has a horizontal handle. This small compound miter saw cut is straightforward. For making crosscuts, it has a 15-amp motor that generates a no-load speed of up to 5000 rpm. Especially for those who want versatility, reliability, and precision in woodworking jobs, this one is perfect for them.

Key Features:

  • 15-amp high-power motor.
  • 2 lbs weight
  • Bevel range: 0-45 degrees, for precision cuts with adjustable bevel, stops to the left.
  • Miter angle range: 0 – 52 degrees.
  • It comes with a large table for the best material support.
  • Includes holder, Hex. Bar wrench (5mm, Vise Assembly, Dust bag, and 10” 24T TCT saw blade.

6. WEN 70716 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

WEN 70716 10 in. sliding compound miter saw is one of the most exceptional inexpensive miter saw in the industry. This brand usually makes the quickest saw at a reasonable price. WEN 70716 miter saw gives you the fastest and more comfortable working environment. It permits chemical, miter, straight, and bevel cutting with 15 amp cutting edge power at 5500rpm. For suitable drug cutting, it has a soft handle. Material is superb high quality and the layout is compact. WEN is very simple to set up than many other miters found in the industry. It’s not too ideal for crown moldings.

Wen 70716 10-inch miter saw easily gives an 11.5” clean depth cut. It is capable of making compound cuts and easily miter up to 52 degrees to the left or right and bevels anywhere from 0-45 degrees to the left. It comes with a hold-down clamp, a fence, and two support. This WEN 70716 weighs just only 30 pounds and is also a great portable saw.

Key Features:

  • Its dimension is 32*28*24.
  • Weighs in at a mere 30 pounds
  • 15-amp power motor that supplies 5500 rpm
  • Maximum cut capacity is 11.5 inches deep and 3.25 inches thick.
  • Miter capacity 0 to 52 degrees left and bevel capacity 0 to 45 degrees’ left
  • Includes hold-down clamp, fence, support arms, dust collection bag, and 60-tooth carbide-tipped blade.

7. Festool 561287 Kapex KS 120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Festool 561287 Kapex KS 120 Sliding Compound Miter SawOur final pick-up in the category of the best miter saw for beginners is Festool Kapex KS 120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw. It is a crown molding miter saw. It enriches the cutting edge capacity to 12″ with only a 10″ blade along with its bevel angle indicators are simple to read and oversized. Its nifty energy tool helps you search and replicate angles together with the most excellent ease.

This saw undoubtedly has two best applications. The first is that the severe finisher searches for the maximum caliber on trim work and indoor activities. The second is for DIYers who take their hobby very seriously or are new to home improvement and want the tools that will help them build quality. It utilized the most progressive highlights in its 561287 model. We named it ‘stickler’s watched’ due to its various elements & attributes. It features a 10-inch cutting border however has a limit of up to 12 inches’ edge.

Key Features:

  • Rail forward design increases precision.
  • Large bevel scale and micro-adjustable bevel angle.
  • It comes with a bevel, wrench, and holds-down clamp.
  • It takes Up to 91% dust extraction and pivots a 36 mm hose.
  • Created a compact footprint that prevents head play for perfect cuts.
  • Align cuts super comfortably from the left or right side using dual lasers.
  • Build with a non-slip material clamp.

8. Milwaukee 6955-20 12″ Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw

This Milwaukee miter saw is best for the beginner or mid-level woodworker. It mainly comes with an Exhaust dust collection system with dual integrated LED lights and an enhanced Detent lock system.  Its engine runs at 3200 rpm. You can easily make a bevel cut left to right on both sides with this saw. Its build quality is extremely good.  The best thing about this good miter saw is it comes with a totally improved, and new 12-inch miter and you can cut in different positions. This product can take rough handling.

Key Feature:

  • Its weight is almost 77 lbs.
  • LED Protection system for an accurate cut.
  • 15-amp powerful motor that provides 3200 rpm.
  • A wide-range bevel cut motion.
  • Exclusive dust collection system.
  • Included blade wrench, dust bag, and carbide-tipped blade.

BUYING GUIDE: 10 Inch Vs 12 Inch, Which Miter Saw is Right?

Best Miter saw

Miter saw especially comes in two different sizes; one is 10 inches, and another one is 12 inches. Sometimes you might have confused about which one (10-Inch VS 12-Inch) you should buy or perfect for you. So before making any buying decision, read below and take some moments to think about which one is for you. When choosing between the 10-inch and 12-inch miter found there are many things that you’ll need to take into consideration to make the right decisions. First, we want to say that both miter saws are very helpful and suitable for different situations and purposes.

10-inch miter saw:

A 10-inch miter saw is smaller than 12 inches. It can spin at 5000 RPM with quicker and smoother cutting. It can be cut more precisely. This machine blade is cheap and easy to find. It takes a little storage and is very portable. It has cutting constraints limitation that does not cut the massive project.

12-inch miter saw:

This miter saw is more significant than a 10-inch miter saw with a 15-amp motor. It has enough cutting power than a 10-inches miter saw and is so much more durable with maximum cutting capacity and width. It is a little bit expensive and consumes a lot of energy.

If you want something to be used around the workshop for the small jobs, the 10-inch saw will probably be just lovely. However, if you are a professional who deals with significant responsibilities, something more robust like the 12-inch saw is the right for you. A large saw will raise your efficiency and make sure you can finish the job fast and proceed to another one. If you have available money flow and you need extra capacity, then 12- inch miter saw is perfect for you. But if you want to save your money then get only a 10- an inch miter saw.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Miter Saw:

best miter saw

What kind of Miter Saw to choose?

There are plenty of Miter Saws in the market. You will find several companies with plenty of models and types, one better than the other. A Miter Saw undoubtedly eases your tasks a lot but well, but choosing the perfect and best miter saw for beginners for you may get very difficult. There are several factors when buying a Miter saw machine. Also, the first Miter saw you might be disappointing. You need to look for reviews for multiple miter saws and look for the perfect match. There are different Saws of different sizes and facilities. Different Saws have various features and also drawbacks. So you need to be very careful while choosing one.

How to classify Miter Saws?

There are two basic types of miter saws, sliding miter saws, and non-sliding compound miter saws. These different miter saws have distinct advantages and disadvantages accordingly. When deciding between a sliding miter saw and a non-sliding miter saw, you need to choose the right option for you. For example, a non-sliding miter saw with a 10” blade lets you cut through 6” wide and deep. But a 12” compound will give you an 8” capacity for cutting. Again for sliding saws, a 10” blade may provide a size of 12”. It is very beneficial for carpentry and related tasks.

Power Saw options

Then comes the features with the power source. You need to look for whether you need a corded miter saw or cordless technology. Most miter saws come with motors within a range of 10-15 Amps. For small projects, you do not need many powerful engines. However, when working on industrial projects or larger products, you would like a more powerful engine. There are also different power settings for several miter saws. You can easily regulate the speed of the engine in those miter saws.

Choosing the right blade

The blade choice is another critical decision that you need to make when buying a miter saw. The blade size and the type of crosscut is an essential choice to make. There are several blades available in 8-1/4”, 8-1/2”, 10”, and also 12” diameters. The larger the diameter, the more extended the size. Hence you can make longer cuts with the blade. Therefore you will need to have a substantial knife of decent size and also slide capacity to get your need. Also for cleaner cuts with a well-finished look, you need to consider the TPI of the blade. Make sure you replace the edge whenever they seem to become dull or stained.

Safety features

It is the most important thing to consider when buying a new miter saw for home projects. After you are done looking at all the available products in the market and narrowing down your wish list, now it is time to decide which one to get finally. Look for spark-free Miter Saws. Also, you must get hearing and eye protection on yourself. You must avoid loose clothing and jewelry. Besides, a mask is a must to keep away from dust.

Difference Between Compound and Sliding Miter Saw:

There are two basic types of miter saws, sliding miter saws, and non-sliding compound miter saws. These different miter saws have distinct advantages and disadvantages accordingly. When deciding between a sliding miter saw and a non-sliding miter saw, you need to choose the right option for you. For example, a non-sliding miter saw with a 10” blade lets you cut through 6” wide and deep. But a 12” compound will give you an 8” capacity for cutting. Again for sliding saws, a 10” blade may provide a size of 12”. It is very beneficial for carpentry and related tasks.


How to use a Miter Saw?

How to use a miter saw

1. Installing blades:

First things first, you need to read the manufacturer’s manual very carefully. Follow the instructions to assemble, fix, and adjust the edge. Thus you will be able to change blades easily and quickly whenever needed. Modules require replacement whenever they become dull or start rusting.

2. Using the Fence:

For straight, precise cuts, you will need a fence. The fence shall allow you to move smoothly on the surface. The blade is very narrow and long, so it may move while cutting due to the vibrations. So a fence is mandatory for perfect work.

3. How to make curves:

Making curve cuts is quite tricky. You shall not cut them directly along the math required. To make a concave curve, cut very close to the marking line and then brush out the waste. Then when you cut through the mark, the remaining debris will fall off as peels or layers. The technique gets easier with practice.

4. Bogging of the blade:

While cutting, the module may seem to be bogged down. It is a prevalent issue for beginners. It happens mostly if you push the wood piece faster than usual through the blade. All you have to do is pull back the wood slowly and then start working again but with less speed. You shall not hurry for a precise job.

Now, many of you will face another problem here. Always remember to at first switch off the Saw machine then pull it back. Or else it might spoil the wood and also disturbs the alignment of the miter Saw. Sometimes the blades might even break. So also beware of the leaves. Stand away from the Saw while pulling it off. The modules might not seem harmful, but they can get pretty dangerous. You might want to look into accidents online and be cautious.

Pro-Tip: Always push sticks in the wood while doing straight cuts smoothly and precisely.

Caution: You might find the Saw machine very easy to use. But just when you start thinking you can handle the machine and let loose, accidents might happen at any moment. So be very careful, especially when your hands are on the blades. You must pay attention while working in your garage.


How to Change Miter Saw Blade: Must Learn!

How to Change Miter Saw Blade

You probably think why you should change the blade. Well, there might be many reasons like your blade might be dull, and your miter saw has a wood-cutting blade with it.

Now the question comes how you will be able to know that your blade is faulty? If you see burn marks or a small fragment of wood or other material on your material, then it is time to change your blade.

There are different types of blades, depending on your work. You must choose the one you need for your work.

Now let’s see the steps for changing miter saw blade:

Step 1

You must unplug your saw before changing the blade, or else there can be serious injuries. So you should first make sure that your saw is unplugged. Also, make sure that the power is off.

Step 2

Keep the blade guard out of your way


Find out where the blade locking pin is in your saw. you can find it on the right side and kind of black. Now hold the button and point it towards you with the help of a wrench handle. Then push it down.

If you don’t see the locking pin, then use a piece of wood. Put the wood under the blade and move the blade down towards the wood. If there is a blade locking pin, then press it and rotate the blade so that the pin falls into its catch.

Step 4

when you see that the belt is locked, then you can remove the bolt with the help of an Allen wrench and turn the bolt. Now you can remove the bolt. Removing the outer washer can remove the blade flange and also the blade. You can put on gloves before touching the blade

Step 5

Now you can change the blade!

If there is oil in the inner and outer washer, then clean it first. You can put the blade on the saw now. Put the blade flange and bolt again. You have to tighten the bolt in an anti-clockwise direction, but the locking pin again. Put the guard mounting hardware back in its position. Then with the help of a screwdriver, tighten the screw.

See, that’s how you do it, such an easy task!


Final Verdict

Finding the best miter saw for furniture making and fine woodworking, it’s not so easy. It may be tough if you are on a limited budget. On this site we will give you all the knowledge that we have accumulated on the best miter saw for beginners through tests and comparisons, to save you time and money. We said to ourselves, as long as you learn what there is to know about this superb tool, you might as well share it with as many people as possible!