Woodworkers sometimes face lung problems with wood dust. A lot of woodworkers already have permanent lung damage problems. Because all day long there had been breathing wood dust. So that’s the most important reason for building a dust collector for a miter saw. From this lesson, we’ll learn how to build a dust collector for a miter saw.

You can build many dust collectors in many ways but an effective dust collector works very well with airflow management. So before starting to make a dust collector you should ensure it can provide 1-2 horsepower. Sometimes only a vacuum cannot pick up all the dust so you just not only need to move a large volume of air but also a shop vac or hood you need. So now you will learn about building a dust collector for a miter saw that will be so effective and inspire so many people to do the same in their shop. It will surely protect their health.

How to build a dust collector for a miter saw?

  1. You just need to build a box shape backside of your miter saw; like a torsion box and make its door as narrow as possible when you want to make your cuts.
  2. Make a simple track that doors slide into and carefully fit them above your miter saw behind the fence.
  3. So build your box properly to seal all the air gaps except the front doors. And install doors in sliding grooves.
  4. Now you are ready to cut your wood through a miter saw in different size tweaks and pieces.
  5. If you want to add a hood dust collector just use a 1-2 horsepower dust collector.
  6. Through a spiral duct, the dust collection hood is hooked up that goes inside the box.
  7. Make it a Y shape that it can easily pull up 90% dust inside. And another side of y goes down to collect remain dust. When you are doing long cuts it allows you to pull more dust from the front of the saw.
  8. So start making shortcuts and lets your dust collector hood do your job.
  9. Fixed your machine in front of the box and start your cutting and remember to start your horsepower hood collector as well. Do not forget to use safety goggles and all other safety materials. After finishing your work. Clear your machine through a brush.
  10. If remain any dust inside the box, please clear those also using your brush through using a protection mask.

So this is a very simple way to make a dust collector. Remember not to build your box so narrow that your machine can hit up your box. It will really work as well as you expected and help your workspace a lot cleaner. Hope you love this article. Please share this article so more people can learn and know how to prevent their health from this hazardous wood dust. Feel free to give your opinion.