Are you in need of a miter saw that you could use left-handedly to make all kinds of cuts? If yes, then our Genesis miter saw review is for you. This doesn’t only cut but uses laser light also. However, you’d need to use AAA batteries to use the saw with the laser. Without mincing words, this can crosscut and make crown cuts also.

This is an inexpensive product, and it’s highly built to last. And, whenever you’re making bevel cuts, you’d find out that the lock and the adjustment of the workpieces to the direction of the blade are doable impeccably. The laser guide, most notably, would make cutting with precision less hectic. There are other functions also, which you’d definitely want to check out. Ensure that they find them all out.

Genesis Miter Saw Review | 5 Major Features

Laser Guide

This feature enhances the possibility of taking accurate precisions. Nonetheless, you’d need to insert two AAA batteries, which are absolutely affordable. All that this would do is to enable proper alignment of the blade to the workpiece so that one can achieve accuracy.

Compact Design

The dimension is 19.5 x 16.25 x 15 inches and weighs light. It is usable in any part of the shop, and there are enough features that make it easy to use.

In fact, this comes with attachments. The accessories that you’d find on this are a 60T carbide blade, dust bag, double extension wings, a wrench, and a hold-down clamp. With them, you’d be able to have immediate use of the unit.

Electric Stop

The 15amp motor that this uses is optimal. It does the functions serenely. There is a power switch on it. Moreover, you can always use the manual for its operation.

It works with 120 AC power outlets, and the cord used for it is so long. However, the electric stop propels the machine to stop once the user’s hand is released from the trigger. The halt is done shortly after that so that users can gain absolute control.

Bevel Cut

The bevel cuts are done one-sidedly. The 45 degrees is on the left-hand side. Furthermore, you can make miter cuts of 45 degrees on both left and right. Aside from that, there are nine prominent stops on it. Blades on this are more comfortable and quicker to change.


This is viable for making straight and curved cuts. The 10-inch blade is usable for crown molding and the making of shadow boxes. You’ll also have an excellent time using this for making picture frames.

9 Positive Stops

The stops on this make one judiciously carry out accurate cuts. You can’t wrong using this for making all kinds of fabrication.


The manual here is one of its kind. You can comprehend the details of it. In fact, assembling the miter saw from scratch is more comfortable.


Although this one doesn’t come with a stand, yet the miter saw is usable splendidly. The genesis miter saw is savable anywhere because of the material that made it is not susceptible to quick spoilage.


The product has a fair price. With the quality of features that this has, you can be sure that you’d have nothing to lose by the end of the day.

Customers’ Review

The product is rapidly gaining prominence in the marketplace. We’ve provided to see how buyers are rating about it. You’d definitely have an excellent time using it.

Product Benefits

  • This is a portable one, though it’s built to last.
  • You can tilt it to 45 degrees to the left.
  • This has a laser guide on it.
  • The laser guide works with two batteries.
  • There are nine stops on this.
  • The use is dependable anytime.

The Genesis miter saw is what you can use to execute your small and large projects. The futuristic on this is fantastic.