Is carpentry a good career? The simple answer is YES. You can become a successful carpenter when you undergo carpentry training. There are lots of benefits associated with the training.  A lot of people are not sure whether having a career in carpentry is right for them. Well, there should be no fear in making carpentry a career. We want to provide an answer to this question.

Why do you need to venture into the carpentry business? If you look around you, you will observe that virtually every item you own is a product of carpentry. When sleeping in bed, thank a carpenter. The bed frame is a product of carpentry. Your doors, closet, kitchen cabinets, locker, TV stand, etc., come from carpentry. Carpenters deserve a lot of commendation. If you enjoy having picnics, you need to appreciate carpenters. They make the wooden tables and benches used for picnics.

All these wooden items will continue to be in high demand. So, you will always benefit from the market share if you go into the business. To become successful in furniture-making, you need to have all the necessary tools, but most importantly, be innovative.


Is Carpentry a Good Career?

Qualified tradespeople are well-paid in any organization. And you can become one when you undergo an apprenticeship. You even get paid during your apprenticeship since apprenticeships are paid positions. As an apprentice, you are given on-the-job training, which will automatically qualify you as a carpenter or tradesman. This development will boost your carpentry career. So, based on remuneration, carpentry is a good career.

Aside from remuneration, carpentry offers amazing career paths for graduates. While undergoing training, it is possible to identify where your interest lies and choose a career along that path.

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Career Opportunities for Carpenters

A lot of people do not understand that carpentry and woodworking offer a variety of job opportunities. It is one of the most versatile industries that you can enter. We will look at some of the opportunities available to a trained carpenter or woodwork specialist.

1. Framing and residential carpenter

You can make tons of money working as a residential carpenter. A residential carpenter makes an average of $800 per week and can make as high as $43,000 per year. You can frame interior and exterior walls, desks, and roofs. Also, you can build wooden stairs.

Aside from those, you can build residential apartments, townhouses, and condos. Installations of closets, cabinets, wooden doors, wood floors, and so on, are other examples of jobs that you can handle as framing and residential carpenter.

Some other residential carpenters make crown molding. As a carpenter, you will always find woodwork projects that have to do with residential apartments.

2. Commercial carpenter

If you’re not interested in being a residential carpenter, you can choose to go commercial. What we imply by going commercial is that you can start a career in the construction of commercial buildings. Commercial buildings include hotels, event centers, office buildings, schools, and even hospitals.

3. Furniture making

You can choose to be making furniture for sales. Interior furniture has gone beyond mere pieces of wood. They are now interior decorating items. If you are a creative furniture maker, you will be making a lot of money from furniture sales. For instance, modern kitchen cabinets are in high demand.

If you concentrate on cabinetmaking alone, you should be smiling regularly at the bank. As a recognized cabinetmaker, you can get custom cabinetmaking projects for homes and offices. These custom projects will earn you more money.

Do you know that some cabinetmakers working in furniture companies earn close to $20 per hour? This is how lucrative the furniture business is. So, having a career in carpentry is an excellent decision.

How to Make a Carpentry Career?

Making carpentry a good career requires undergoing training. You will learn a lot about the industry and trade. Some vocational and specialized institutions offer it as one of their programs.

Having training is always a rewarding experience. And when you are well-trained in carpentry and have a certificate to show for it, below are some of the benefits you can get.

  • You learn the current technical aspects of the business.
  • You get to learn the safety measures required in the industry.
  • The institution will train you on how to handle industry-standard tools.
  • You can also start carpentry training when you have an all-around knowledge of the trade.
  • It is easy to set up a furniture-making business when you are well-trained.
  • You can work in an engineering company.
  • It is possible to become a trades inspector in a construction company.


The Challenges of Being a Carpenter

Every career has its challenges, no matter how lucrative it may be. The same goes for the carpentry business. Carpenters have their problems too. Some of these challenges are right below.

  • You must have the right equipment for different types of tasks. Hence, it would help if you were financially buoyant enough to purchase those tools.
  • Its tools are dangerous. For instance, the saw- you need to have different types of power saws, and they can all pose dangers if you do not handle them carefully.
  • You can suffer back pains and fatigue resulting from lifting heavy pieces of wood.
  • Knee injuries can occur when you kneel for long periods.
  • As a carpenter, you may need to work on weekends too.
  • You may need to stand for long hours while working.


  • Is Carpentry is a Good Career?
    Yes, it is.
  • Is carpentry a good trade USA?
    Yes, you can go for carpentry. You could make a lot of money when qualified. You can make this one of the best trade careers around.
  • Is carpentry hard?
    Carpentry can be very hard for beginners because it involves a lot of manual labor.
  • Is carpentry a dangerous job?
    It is dangerous for beginners because of the use of power tools.

Final Verdict

Is carpentry a good profession? The simple answer is YES. You can become a successful carpenter when you undergo carpentry training. There are lots of benefits associated with the training. You will be taught how to prevent accidents in the workplace and the safety measures required in the industry.

As a trained carpenter, you have many career paths to choose from. And one good thing about all the career paths is that they are lucrative. The carpentry business is profitable, and you will enjoy it if you have creative ideas.

To begin your career in the industry, you need the necessary tools or equipment, and the right environment. So, you can think of the most suitable career path based on your interests.