Purchase this 16 in. variable speed scroll saw so that you could begin its use instantly. It comes with the full accessories required to make quick cuts. Of course, the Harbor Freight scroll saw is a dependable one. The unit is usable in homes just as it’s very much usable in shops. However, it works with AC power outlets of 120V only. You’ll get complete details from our Harbor Freight scroll saw review. There are futuristics on it that make the saw premium. It has excellent tilting capability. Besides, it cuts more thickness than the conventional ones.

Furthermore, you can use this machine for the effective cutting of basswood, oaks, maple, plywood, and so on of a thickness of 2 inches. You can as well use it for a shop vac. If you know how to align the blade correctly, there shouldn’t be limitations to using this effectively. And guess what? The installation of cutting edges on the scroll saw is absolutely secure.

It’s a scroll saw that you could use with a pin and pin-less blade with ease. However, regardless of the cutting tool you use on this, you’d need to cut slowly; why? That’s because that’s an excellent way of making unique cuts. There are several tips that this report would teach you.

Harbor Freight Scroll Saw Review | 5 Major Features:

1. Blade Tension Knob:

There is a black plastic knob on it at the fore, which aids in the regulation of the blade’s speed. Nonetheless, scroll saws are viable for making intricate cuts. You can use it for making balsa, and designs on wood. This 16-inch variable speed scroll saw can work for all woods, both soft and hard. However, the use of the black knob is crucial. It’s at the fore of the unit. The unit itself uses a 16-inch blade, and it works with both pin and pin-less cutting tools. It even comes with adapters, which make it usable for pin-less cutting tools.

Nonetheless, there are discrepancies in the functionality of the two types of blades on this unit. With a pinned cutting blade, you can make an intricate cut of 1/100” radius or less unlike the other. That now segues us to the next point.

2. Design:

This 16-inch variable speed scroll saw has a beautiful green color all over it, which makes it glow brightly. Its dimension is 24 x 11 x 14 inches and weighs 25 pounds. There is a plate on it, which you can use for supporting the workpieces. The plate has a plastic side, and the metallic part is made of cast iron. You can tilt the table to angles so that you can gain full convenience while cutting. Invariably, bevel cut is smoother when using this than jigsaws, especially on small projects.

Furthermore, aside from the blade and two adapters that it comes with, this also comes with hex keys. You can as well use a foot pedal for it. It’s one that you’d find so easy to use.

3. Usability:

There are blade hangers on its top and nadir. The pegs make it usable for pin blades. The fixing and detachment of the cutting edges are secure. All you need is to identify the spots where it’s being hung. And, you’d need to effectively use the knob to lock and unlock the blade onto the unit. The changing of the blade won’t be time-consuming at all.

However, you’d really need to be careful with the machine so that you won’t jostle it out of place. Also, it works with 120V power outlets. There is also a power switch, which you can use the powering the unit.

4. Dust Blower:

The diameter of the dust port is 2 inches. There is a nozzle that runs to the apex. It’s very close to the armrest where the blade hangers are situated. What it does is that it perpetually blows air to eradicate sawdust away from the workpiece so that users can gain maximum visibility. There is no regulation on the use of this. It works with the power switch.

Moreover, it’s one of the most reliable features that augment one’s chances of having a precise and accurate cut. It’s not plastic. The material used for its construction is metal. Therefore, you can be pretty sure that this would last for a long time.

5. Reliability:

The saw is definitely one of the top best scroll saw in the marketplace. The fact that the product has gained massive momentum in the market makes it undoubtedly one of the best. You can check out the nominal buyers’ recommendations on the website that the link here would allude to once you click on it.


Why Should You Buy Harbor Freight Scroll Saw?

Harbor Freight Scroll Saw Review

1. Luggable:

As you can see, this best scroll saw is absolutely lightweight. You can use it so well in your house and at work. The machine has a fascinating design that can sweep anyone’s interest in loving it.

2. Space-Saver:

One part of the design that makes it look optimal is the size. This won’t consume your area at all. Aside from the fact that it’s lightweight, you can save it inside a pantry and a cupboard. It’s not even vulnerable to quick spoilage at all.

3. Affordability:

You can check the price from the link that we’ve provided. You’d find out that it was worth the price. Make sure you make your evaluation before concluding, though.

4. Uniqueness:

There won’t be a hassle installing the blades on this. It works with pin and pin-less cutting blades explicitly. There is even a manual that comes with its delivery, which you can use for its assembling.

5. Premium:

Low vibration, quality dust blower, consistent performances, and many more all make the scroll saw absolutely dependable. Besides, there are a lot of positive reports about it. So, why shouldn’t it be among the best?

Product Benefits:

  • The accessories that come with this are a blade, two-blade adapters, and hex keys.
  • There are speed controls on this.
  • This does less vibration and can easily be saved.
  • The material used for the plating is cast iron, and it’s very reliable.
  • This has a powerful dust blower.
  • You can lug it around without dismantling any component from it.
  • Using this for precise bevel cuts is just optimal.


What types of materials can be cut with the Harbor Freight Scroll Saw?

The Harbor Freight Scroll Saw is an incredibly versatile power tool that can be used for a variety of projects. It’s designed to cut thin materials such as wood, thin plastic, and metal, making it ideal for intricate patterns or detailed cuts. The scroll saw can also be used to create smooth curves in thicker materials like plywood and MDF board.

Aside from wood, the Harbor Freight Scroll Saw can effectively cut many other types of thin material including aluminum, brass, copper, foam core board, leather, and fabrics. With the right blades and settings adjustments you will be able to make precise cuts into just about any type of material without much effort.

However, it should be noted that the Harbor FreightScroll Saw may not work well with extremely hard materials like stone or metal. Additionally, the scroll saw is not recommended for cutting thicker metal such as stainless steel due to its limited power. It’s important to always read the instructions before attempting a new type of material so you don’t damage your saw or yourself.  It’s also a good idea to practice on scrap pieces before tackling any project.


How to Maintain Harbor Freight Scroll Saw?

Your scroll saw is an important tool. It needs to care for properly in order to ensure its long-term performance. Here are some tips on how to maintain your Harbor Freight Scroll Saw:

1. Clean and Lubricate Regularly:

To keep your scroll saw running smoothly, it’s important to clean and lubricate the parts regularly. Make sure to remove all debris from the blade area before you start working with the tool. Also, use a light oil or lubricant on moving parts such as the drive wheel, feed wheel, and hinges. This will help reduce friction and wear, prolonging the life of your scroll saw.

2. Check Blades and Tension Regularly:

The blades on your scroll saw should be checked regularly for wear and tear. Make sure the blade tension is set properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If the blade becomes too loose, it can cause wobbling and affect the accuracy of your cuts.

3. Store Properly:

When you’re done using your scroll saw, make sure to store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. This will help prolong its life and keep it in good condition.

Follow these tips on how to maintain your Harbor Freight Scroll Saw and you’ll be able to enjoy precision cutting for years to come!


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use it with a shop vac?

Answer: Yes, you can.

2. I guess the purchase of its blades would be cheap?

Answer: What you want primarily is all that matters, and the hardware store you’re buying it at a point in time.

3. Where was this product made?

Answer: It was made in China.

4. Does this come with a foot pedal?

Answer: No, it doesn’t.

5. How secure is the tension knob easy to release?

Answer: Absolutely easy.


The Harbor freight scroll saw is one that you’d find so convenient to use. It would expedite your effectiveness when making intricate cuts. You can rely on the manufacturer’s policies to make your order. It’s definitely one that you would use for a long time. Hope you’ve got proper information from our Harbor Freight scroll saw review.