With regards to making exact, beautifying cuts in wood, a scroll saw is a necessary apparatus for the activity. I hope, as a tooling contractor or professional DIY agent, I hope you may be familiar with this tool. But, it is undoubtedly a challenge to find the best professional scroll saw that is worthy of your hard-earned money. On the other hand, it’s not such a difficult task, if you have a reliable source like our website to point your direction of the brands you can trust.

Also, in preparing this list, we have reviewed dozens of products & listed the top five based on dozens of ranking factors, including features of the product, value for the money & lastly, the reputation of the manufacturer.  What’s more – we also reviewed countless reviews from actual users. So we ensure, if you choose from this list, guarantee you will get the best tools available on the market today. So, let’s go to the central part. Make sure you check the review of each product & pick the one that suits your plan.


If you have any woodworking project or especially need to scroll something, Scroll saw is always a handy tool to have near your hands. From cutting standard patterns to the advanced level curved design, the scroll saw is still standing beside you.  This segment will give you all related information about the five best professional and commercial scroll saw reviews that are slanting the market now. A necessary review of some particular highlights and a relative choice will assist you with ensuring a reasonable buy.


best professional scroll sawWEN is known as extraordinary compared to other tool producers on the planet with a variety of devices for each expert. The WEN 3921 Scroll Saw is a successor version to the past 3920 model. In case you are looking for a Scroll Saw machine for your workstation, WEN 3921 will be a good option for you. It is also called WEN Two Directional Scroll Saw. This is the best professional scroll saw for woodworkers. This Wen scroll saws the latest version. It has many extra-conventional elements and improved usefulness to make your work a lot easier. You’ll find this scroll saw for under 200 dollars.

The main contrast between the 3921 and 3920 models you will see is that the new 3921 model accompanies a device-less edge-altering system. Altering a sharp edge has become much more flexible in the current version contrasted with the past one.

WEN 3921 professional Scroll Saw produced using high-grade metal materials. The base of this Saw is built using Cast Iron, which keeps the tool durable. With improved soundness & durability, you can work all the more productively on this best-rated scroll saw and can complete a wide range of projects. You can modify the edge of slicing up to 45 degrees utilizing this slant. This is useful for calculated cuts on wooden stuff.


  • Cut in two different directions with three different blade configurations.
  • Handle any projects of any size wood with a 16-inch variable speed two-direction scrolls saw.
  • Cut in the standard direction toward the back of the table as a regular scroll saw or swap the pin blade over to a 90-degree angle for infinite ripping capacity.
  • Attach the ultra-grip blade holder to either side and mount them to the scroll saw for intricate internal cuts. These unique design blade holders are easy to install, also preventing the blade from coming loose.
  • The variable speed meter can be adjusted anywhere from 550 to 600 strokes per minute.
  • Up to 45 degrees bevel wood table the 16 by 11-inch.
  • The onboard blade store helps keep tracking your blades and adapter and makes them easy to find.
  • The adjustable air5 pump combined with a one and a half inch dust port keeps sawdust out of your line and minimizes the cleanup.
  • Flexible & adaptable LED lights permit the users the watch the cuts carefully for a better view.
  • Two years warranty.


best professional scroll sawThe next one on our list is DEWALT 20-inch DW788 variable speed scroll saw. When it comes to the power tool, Dewalt is one of the brands that is most trusted by buyers. It is an American brand that specializes in professional & heavy-duty tools for everything you need.

This professional scroll saw has a speed performance that helps you achieve accuracy & individual pieces of work all the time. It features easily accessible controls & user-friendly configuration. To ensure the most accurate cut & a smooth operation, this scroll saw features a double parallel link arm design. The arm pivots from the back to the front, making the distance to which the arm moves shorter.

Moreover, the on/off switch, blade tensioning lever, speed control, flexible dust blower & variable speed control for different applications are all located within easy reach of the upper front arm. Moreover, the portable size of the scroll saw makes it easier to move around & bring around the workshop.

However, a 1.3 amp motor can deliver anything from 400 to 1750 SPM to ensure enough power for accurate cutting. The arm showcases a unique angle to ensure the blade will always be perpendicular to the work. Just make sure to prevent over & undercutting.


  • Advantageous placement of the liftable arm of the residue blower, power switch, and saw modifications permits quick alterations using the upper arm.
  • The cast-iron table offers brilliant material help and can angle to both sizes up to 45 degrees.
  • Twofold equal connection arm configuration drastically decreases vibration and clamor for incredibly precise cuts.
  • On-off switch, electronic variable speed, adaptable residue blower, and cutting-edge tensioning switch situated on the front upper arm.
  • Furnished with an arm lift so the cutting edge can be effortlessly threaded through the material for inside cuts.
  • Highlights an instrument-free sharp-edge brace that considers speedy and simple cutting-edge changes.


best professional scroll sawDelta is another professional tool manufacturing giant in the power tool industry. All of their products are exclusive, made of high-quality materials & also come at a very affordable price.

The model we are reviewing is Delta power tools 40-694 20-inch variable speed scroll saw. This Delta scroll saw comes with lots more features that make it the right scroll saw. First, it has an electronic variable speed that has been adjusted from 400 to 1750 SPM, isn’t that incredible? It allows a wide variety of cutting.

Also, this model build in with dual parallel link arms that work to reduce the amount of vibration felt while cutting effectively. It also comes with a storage unit where you can fit two blades. This helps to keep the blade from getting lost and also helps them retain their sharpness.

Along with the storage, it also comes with an adjustable dust hose that allows you to blow dust from your working station. This product has several upgraded highlights that make it a little bit expensive, but it will help improve its overall performance.

What’s more- this item is a little bit heavier than others; 60 pounds weighs but sturdy & durable. The size of the cutting table is 16 by 24-inch, enough to handle larger projects easily on this table. Moreover, it can cut through to 8-inch woodblocks by just one stroke & comes with a five-year limited warranty.


  • Electronic variable speed can be balanced from 400 to 1,750 strokes per minute for a full cluster of cutting projects.
  • Double equal connection arm configuration diminishes vibration & decreases over and under cutting improving exactness and quality.
  • The upper arm lifts and secures in the raised situation during edge changes or while modifying edge position for tough work.
  • A device-free sharp edge clip takes into account snappy.
  • Simple cutting edge changes up to 0°-45° angle from both the left and right.
  • Engine: 1.3 Amp.


Initially, we need to make reference that the Shop Fox W1713 16-inch variable speed scroll saw doesn’t match with the performance and cutting abilities of Dewalt DW788 (we reviewed earlier), also doesn’t have the parallel arm link that reduces vibration, but it does have some features that make it a great saw as well.

The W1717 uses all significant brands of pin & saw blades. Moreover, removing or joining a blade is very easy with this tool that shop fox provides.  A feature that I like about this scroll saw is its gooseneck work light.  For example, most of the wood-cutting works are done in the garage or basement where adequate light is missing.  That is why it is so crucial part. However, the best scroll saw is meant for intricate cuts & this light helps you see exactly where you are cutting no matter where you are working.

It also has fixed dust as well as dust ports; it helps to keep dust as low as possible. Also, this scroll saw comes with variable speeds that allow you to adjust to the project you are working on.  Another exclusive highlight of this saw is its variable tilt table. The table itself can tilt up to 45 degrees.

It is also built with cast iron & while it feels durable. What’s more- it is light & compact enough to move around from one place to another.


  • Cut at edges from 0-45 degrees with the table tilt component.
  • The table lock handle and tilt scale are utilized to tilt the table for level point cuts.
  • Plug the 1-1⁄4 inch dust port into a shop vacuum to shield the wood flotsam and jetsam from collecting underneath the table addition.
  • Acknowledges standard plain or pin-end saw sharp edges.
  • The flexible hold-down shoe keeps the workpiece from ascending with the power of the moving cutting edge.
  • The air spout blows air at the slicing area to get wood flotsam and jetsam far away from the workplace place.
  • Two years warranty.


The last item from our list of the best commercial scroll saw is Dremel Moto-Saw 0-6 AMP corded scroll saw. This may be the smallest saw on our list, but that doesn’t mean it has the least feature. If you are looking to work on intricate details for plastic laminates & metal things, this best cheap scroll saw from Dremel is for you.

This 2-in-1 power tool can be removed from its base & made into a portable coping saw. Dremel brings a compact, secure solution for those who are looking for a tool to make detailed cuts. Moreover, this saw is easy to use. Mainly thanks to its tool-free mechanism for quick blade changes.

It also has auto-tensioning features. It helps keep the blade taut & ready to cut all the time. So you won’t have to make a small adjustment before using it. Not to mention the sleek design that makes it easy to store, set up & operate. This saw from Dremel can rotate 360 degrees to ensure the best possible position that you can use.

The slim ergonomic handle includes variable speed control for a quick one-swipe change of speed. Also, the dust port adapter makes sure the line of sight is crystal clear as well as the surface of the too.


  • Versatile, compact, easy to move, set up, and store
  • An instrument-free component for brisk sharp edge changes
  • Auto-tensioning component keeps the sharp edge tight and prepared to slice all time
  • Its thin, ergonomic handle with a comfortable grasp gives control in any cutting position
  • The auto tensioning mechanism allows quick accessory change and ideal sharp edge tensioning
  • Variable speed control for ideal cutting in an assortment of materials



We do believe that our best-rated scroll saw reviews and guides were so helpful to you. These professional Scroll Saws will help you craft numerous fine wood projects. We hope this list of the best professional scroll saws is helpful enough to pick & get your projects done. As we already gave huge effort & time to analyzing these products & come up with the top 5 picks for your ease.


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