While you are using a miter saw, it gives you the result in the shortest possible time with perfection. How does a machine work? Apart from the technical issues, we can simply say that with the help of electricity. There appears another question, how many watts does a miter saw use? Our article is all about the answer.

In this article, you will find all the information regarding the issue. A miter saw uses a minimum amount of electricity. You will get information with many more amazing things about a miter saw. Let’s dive into the writing.

How many watts does a miter saw use?

Generally, wattage or watts is the most common and direct measurement. A typical miter saw usually requires 2,400 watts to begin its functions. The amount is called the starting watts. To operate after that, the miter saw requires 1,200 watts. This time, this is called the running watts.

But the amount sometimes depends on the size of the miter saw. If the size is small, it will take less electricity to operate. As in, if the miter saw is not more than 7 inches in diameter, then 800-900 watts will be enough for it. The requirement goes high with the size of the miter saw.

There is another factor to look at. Different manufacturing companies make Miter Saw in different ways. So, the electricity requirement varies with it. For example, there are companies whose 7-inch diameter miter saw requires not less than 1700 watts. So, you can understand now.

Watts Requirement to run this 12-inch saw:

Previously we have mentioned the watts requirement for a 7-inch miter saw. But what about the miter saw 12 inches? You will need more power for electricity to run. This miter saw will need 1800 watts of electricity.


Q: What wattage should I look for in a miter saw?

A: The wattage you should look for in a miter saw depends on the size and type you are considering. Smaller models usually range between 500 and 700 watts, while larger ones may require up to 1200 watts or more. Check the specifications before purchasing.

Q: Does the wattage of a miter saw affect its performance?

A: Yes, the wattage of a miter saw can have an impact on its cutting power and speed. Higher-powered models are able to cut through thicker materials more quickly than lower-powered models. Make sure you select the right model for your specific needs.

Q: Are there any safety considerations to keep in mind when selecting a miter saw based on wattage?

A: Yes, it is important to select a model with the right power requirements for your specific needs. If you choose a model that is too powerful, it could pose a risk of injury or damage to property. Make sure you read all product warnings and specifications before purchasing.

Q: Are there any other power requirements I should be aware of when selecting a miter saw?

A: Yes, it is also important to check the voltage requirements. The voltage may vary depending on where you live and the model you select. Make sure your outlet is compatible with the saw’s required voltage before purchasing.

Q: What happens if I don’t use the right watts for my miter saw?

A: Using an incorrect wattage can lead to several issues such as reduced performance, overheating or even damage to your miter saw or workpiece. It is important that you select the correct wattage model for your specific needs.

Q: Is it possible to upgrade the wattage on my miter saw?

A: Yes, in some cases you may be able to upgrade the wattage of your miter saw by replacing the motor or other parts. However, it’s best to consult a professional before attempting any modifications.

What size generator is needed to run a miter saw?

In case of sudden power off, you will be in trouble in the middle of your work in the miter saw. So, the safe solution is to have a high-power providing generator. To circulate a heavy-powered miter saw, a 5000-watt generator will be perfect. If you buy this generator, you can run other electronic things like a fan, TV, and others along with the miter saw. Isn’t it great?

Which inverters can you use for a miter saw?

There is good news. You can use an inverter to save your miter saw from the sudden fall of electrical voltage. There are lots of introverts available in the market for a miter saw. You can select from the following-

  1. Xantrex XPower 3000
  2. KISAE MW1215
  3. Xantrex XPower 1500
  4. Samlex SAM-1500-12
  5. Power Bright 1500
  6. Krieger KR2000
  7. Wagan ProLine 5000
  8. Cobra CPI-2590
  9. Wagan ProLine 3000
  10. Power Bright 2300


A miter saw is the greatest invention of modern science. As it is electronic equipment, it needs a minimum amount of electricity to run. So, a miter saw user should know how much electricity is needed for the miter saw. The machine can not function properly and can create a dangerous accident if the electricity is more than a requirement. So, the owner has to be very careful about this.

We hope you have got all the necessary information from the article. If additional anything is needed regarding the issue, you can always contact us. You can perfectly run the miter saw on your own. Best of luck!