Scroll saw requires a short, thin blade that cuts at a rapid velocity and makes intricate designs in wood. Wood may clatter, burn, or shatter if you use incorrect wood or thickness. so actually how thick can a scroll saw cut?

The depth of the scroll saw blade restricts the density of wood that a scroll saw can cut. It is critical to pick the correct saw blade for the job. Do you want to know- how thick wood can a scroll saw cut? It usually ranges between 1.75 and 2.25 inches. Based on the model, some versions may slice thin woods too. It can cut through wood up to two inches thick. Pushing too hard on the blade leads to damage to the saw blade.

Scroll saws cut complicated patterns with subtleties with a precise saw blade. Go through our article and get accurate information on how thick a  Scroll Saw Cut is?

Best woods to use on a scroll saw:

You can apply a scroll saw to cut a variety of woods. Consider the thickness of the wood to avoid shattering the blade.

Let’s check below-

  1. Hardwood:

Even though scroll saws are prone to cracking, you can use them to cut hardwood. Because of its toughness, most woodworkers prefer to use hardwood for their woodworking tasks.

When used on a scroll saw, Ash and Maple necessitate slower rates to reduce the risk of injury.

On the other hand, you can cut spiral lines, curves, patterns, and inlays in oak, cherry, and walnut. Though oak is the thickest wood to shape with a scroll saw, it is still the most popular of all types of wood. As a result, you’ll need a lot of skill before attempting to work with this pricey item.

  1. Softwood:

Softwoods are a great option for practicing woodworkers. You can choose poplar because of its grain feature. Besides, Baltic birch can be an option if you can cut it without putting too much strain.

  1. Polywood:

You can select Polywood for building furniture and other products. However, it is substantially less expensive than hardwood. It is an option for individuals who want to improve their scroll saw skills. Additionally, Polywood is environmentally friendly and readily available in surplus shops.

  1. Pressure-treated wood:

Pressure-treated woods do not maintain patterns as hardwood.

Expert Tips:

  • If you’ve never used a scroll saw before, here are some pointers to help you-
  • To extend the durability of your scroll saw blades, you should oil them. Also, it will assist in keeping the scroll saw away from corrosion.
  • Select the appropriate blade size. Larger blades are helpful for thick wood.
  • Don’t be hasty while using a scroll saw. The wood parts will not jump as a result of this. To generate patterns, you don’t need to employ tremendous power.
  • Scroll sawing necessitates a high level of competence. Continue practicing until you’ve nailed the look you prefer. Similarly, try out other blades to discover which one is best for your job.

How thick can a scroll saw cut?

It is determined by the scroll saw and the materials you want to use. The cut thickness of several scroll saws ranges from 1-3 / 4 to 2 inches with the correct blades.  The average capacity of the scroll saw should not exceed 12 mm (1/2 in.)

  • Blades:

Blades are an essential component of any scroll saw. The most popular blade is a plain end scroll saw blade. In that place, you will see a little hook that keeps the blade in place while it rotates.

Nevertheless, the type of blade employed has a significant impact on the density of the wood. Several saw blades can trim up to 3/16 inches thick, whereas the types can only cut up to 1/4 inch thick.

  • Speed:

The new version of a scroll saw offers variable speeds. Hence, you can easily alter your setting within a specific range. Set lower settings for Metal and plastics rather than wood to protect the blade from deterioration.

Bottom Line:

Scroll saws are an excellent tool for cutting complicated motifs in wood. Regardless, you’re free to try different things to determine which is best for your particular cutting wood. Before beginning any project, read the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you’re using the right tools.

By reading this article, You can build stunning woodworking projects with the proper equipment and little effort!