Can you sharpen miter saw blades? For maintaining your Miter saw for several years, it is necessary to sharpen a Miter saw blade perfectly. If a miter saw tools have a dull blade, then you’ll not get accurate cuts. Your blade becomes blunter if you use your miter saw randomly. It’s normally get blunt after some uses and it’s as usual. In that case, you must have to sharpen the blade so that you’ll able to cut accurately and quickly. Sharpening a blade doesn’t take much time. You only need around fifteen minutes to finish the sharpening procedure and get back to work.

While if you look to an expert, after that you may only get about $15. On the other hand, the cost changes based upon the diameter and the number of teeth of the blade. Let’s discover together the steps to adhere to.


  1. First of all, you will need to get the blade. For older models, you’ll require a wrench to get rid of the bolts.
  2. It’s better to keep the blade at a vice to do the development. Turn the teeth of the blade before you but do not overtighten in order not to risk damaging it.
  3. After that, you need to note a mark along with the sense on the surfaces of the blade. Finally, bring your file that you will turn around at 20 levels and also file four times in the leading to bottom. Do the same on the contrary side.
  4. Lastly, you need to submit the point of every tooth, and after that to finish, you are simply going to need to prepare the blade since it is currently well sharpened. You can re-install it on the miter saw.

At this point, while doing so, you are finished with the honing of your miter saw blade. It is ready for you to get back to function and start reducing with it once again. You can currently anticipate to see higher quality results than what you were seeing formerly with a boring blade.

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