It is a common question that what is a double bevel compound miter saw? A double bevel compound miter saw can create bevel cuts in both Left and the right leadership in precisely the very same configurations of the workpiece. This means that you don’t have to move and reverse your job to produce a bevel cut in another direction. A miter saw can cut boards in four different manners: cross-cut, miter, bevel, and chemical. A cross-cut is a 90-degree cut up and down. Even a miter or angle cut cuts throughout the board at an angle, frequently 45 levels, as you’d see from the corner of a photo frame. A bevel cut angles throughout the depth of this plank-like you would see on a doorstop. Along with also a chemical cut does precisely the angle and bevel together.

Bevel vs. Miter

A bevel cut is made by leaning the blade at a particular angle. So instead of cutting the width of your timber, you’ll be cutting diagonally against the thickness of it. A miter cut is where you are cutting along an angle of wood, with the blade coming down.

Single Bevel

Now that you know what a is bevel, let us look at what a single bevel is. A single bevel saw can make beveled cuts in one direction. This usually means just one bevel can only be in 1 direction, either right or left. To make another cut on the opposite side of this timber, you need to reverse the board and watched it again.

Double Bevel

On the other hand, a double-sided cut can be reached on both instructions. Therefore, a double-sided saw can be adjusted in two directions. To make bevel cuts in both directions, you don’t have to move the timber but rather adjust the blades.

Single Vs. Double Bevel Miter Saw – Which is better?

The double-bevel saw is more expensive. Compared to single-bevel. A single-bevel miter saw can create the Very Same cuts as a Double-bevel; the benefit of a double-bevel saw is convenience and efficiency. If you’re considering getting a trim carpenter and strategy on Installing elaborate architectural millwork, it may be worth spending the extra cash on a double-bevel saw. If you are an average DIYer who may tackle Crown molding occasionally, a single-bevel version will get the job finished.

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Best 2 Double Bevel Miter Saw Reviews Below:

Best Double Bevel Miter Saws

1. Dewalt 12-inch sliding compound miter saw (DWS780)

This DWS780 model offers strong development and contains the brand new XPS cross-cut arrangement frame with an improved ultra-splendid LED lighting, which empowers the consumer to see exactly where the sharp edge will interact with the material by projecting a shadow. This amazing, 15-amp, 3800 RPM tool highlights hardy gatekeeper’s precision-machined castings, fences, an angled frame, and tough treated steel detent plates, which are meant to hold up to the full requests of this place of work. It comes with a fence that lets you see through it for an uninterrupted view. This makes it easier to determine where you are cutting. Although it is a large saw weighing 56 pounds, it is excellent for large jobs.

Key Features:

    • Product dimensions: 21.5* 17.7* 17.1 inches
    • Product weight: 56 pounds.
    • Double bevel and smooth functionality
    • Lightweight, smaller structure (56 lbs.)
    • A super-efficient dust assortment system gathers near about 75 percent of the dust generated by the work & keeps the workplace neat and clean.

2. Bosch GCM12SD Double-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw 

Bosch Power Tools GCM12SDBosch GCM12SD has got the regard of numerous specialist carpenters. It’s a solid, durable, and long lusted double bevel miter saw that can be utilized in any work-site. The Bosch GCM12SD is equal in ability to this DeWalt, using a 15 amp, 3,800 RPM engine. Its cutting limit is about two inches in a straight cut. This is a saw that should almost surely be utilized by the individuals who couldn’t care less about transportability this type much.

Key Features:

    • Product dimensions 33.2 * 26.5 * 22.8 inches
    • Product weight 65 pounds
    • Bosch-selective Axial-Glide™ framework
    • 15-amp engine turns the 12-inch cutting edge loads of speed 3800 RPM
    • Included-12-inch (60-tooth) sharp edge, workpiece clip, and residue sack.


Amateurs and DIYers don’t need a double bevel saw, but sincere professional carpenters or woodworkers might discover themselves ready to upgrade.  Think before you purchase.  And if you want to take a double bevel saw for an only check to see what it can do, you can rent one from your local home development store.