In case of getting a perfect result from a material modification, seamless cuts are essential. If you make a fine edge cut at first, the pieces will come out as perfect undoubtedly. But, to serve the purpose, what will you need most? We are here with the right solution with Bauer jigsaw review. It can part any material into flawless cuts. It’s the ultimate choice for everyone.

In this article, we have talked about the prime features of Bauer Jigsaw. Also, with some bonds advantages and few demerits, you can get every detail of the product. I hope our article will help you from all angles.

Reviews of Harbor Freight Bauer jigsaw:

Bauer jigsaw reviewAre you thinking of buying a versatile tool for your workplace? You can select the Harbor Freight Bauer Corded Jigsaw without any doubt. There are so many jigsaws available on the market but this tool delivers impressive efficiency throughout the cutting work. You can adjust strokes per minute from a wide variety as 0 to 3000 SPM.

This jigsaw is comfortable and well-balanced. It gives 450 lbs. torque. You can get this incredible jigsaw for only $64.99, and it is compatible with more than 20v wireless chainsaws.

Including features:  Bauer drill, Hypermax lithium-ion battery, 20v rapid charger, and a carrying bag.


  • Weight: 5.4 lb
  • Power cord: 6 ft.
  • Stroke length: 5/8 inch
  • Depth (inch): 3-1/8 for wood, 3/8 for metal

Key Features of Bauer Jigsaw:

  • Variable speed:

Some materials need low speed whereas some woodwork requires high strokes per minute. The variable speed of this Harbor Freight Bauer Corded Jigsaw makes it different from others. You can adjust zero to 3,000 strokes per minute in this jigsaw.

  • Laser guide:

Though many traditional woodworkers don’t know about the laser guide feature, it will help to get a precise cut. You will be happy to hear that this jigsaw is designed with red integrated laser light for a flawless cut.

  • Reduce Vibration:

BAUER™ orbital jigsaw ensures less vibration during operation.  So, after finishing prolonged work, you will not feel fatigued.

  • Adjustable Blade:

This jigsaw accepts T-shank blades. These blades on this jigsaw remain secured in position while spinning at their maximum speed of 3,000 strokes per minute. The tool-free blade clamp ensures the accurate setting of the blades.

A four-position orbit adjuster on the BAUER orbital jigsaw ensures the perfect strokes in a range of materials. This orbital setting also allows you to smooth the harshness of the edges.

  • LED light:

The LED light of the Bauer jigsaw lets you continue your projects in poorly illuminated areas. Thus, it can protect you from accidents of cutting work. This LED light is controlled by a comfortable two-finger touch trigger.

  • Dust blower:

This Harbor Freight Bauer Corded Jigsaw comes with a dust chute that holds the debris and keeps the workstation clean.


  1. Light-weighted design
  2. Removable belt clip.
  3. Adjustable speed
  4. 5 Amp lithium-ion battery
  5. The guide wheel maintains the exact position of the blade
  6. All metal 1/2-in. keyless chuck
  7. Comfortable handle


Long charging time.

Final Words:

Bauer Jigsaw is the correct tool for cutting hard materials. If you are scared to use heavy equipment, then the article fits perfectly for you. The machine is a revolutionary invention. Moreover, it comes with the lowest price and a long time guarantee. You will not be upset buying the jigsaw.

If you have made up your mind about buying this, you will always find us beside you. We try our best to help our readers. You can easily reach us via email or mentioned contact details. Best of luck!