Are you a woodworker or searching for the easiest and lighter woodworking matching for your home woodcutting task? So here is something for you. We are going to introduce our top picks of the best woodworking jigsaw here.  Whether you are a budding hobbyist or an experienced woodworker, a jigsaw is one of the best power tools among other tools type.  This tool can provide you the best woodworking job you have ever done.

After a good power drill, jigsaw the other tools that any DIYer will buy for its ease of use and versatility. This tool can cut on curves or straight lines as you want to give your wood. Jigsaw can make simple cuts in the wood and intricate shapes for a piece of furniture.  This jigsaw may be even better if you choose the right blade. It can easily cut through the laminate flooring, countertops, tile, wood, and metal.

If you are new to an online purchase, you might be confused about choosing the best jigsaw for beginners buying. Here we will try to help you making your choosing task quickly. Here we give you the top 8 best jigsaw tool reviews that will help you to make your buying process more comfortable, and you will be able to pick the perfect model for your needs.



1. DEWALT Bare-Tool DC330B 18-Volt Cordless Jig Saw

BEST WOODWORKING JIGSAWDEWALT Bare-Tool DC330B 18-Volt is a woodworking jigsaw. This Cordless Jig Saw is one of the best-rated jigsaw models in the market. This battery-operated jigsaws motor is drive by an 18V NICAD battery with 2400 milliamps XRP battery pack. It is very much compatible with other cordless jigsaw tools. It has an anti-slip for ensuring a comfortable grip. And dust blower assists you to clear the cutting area of debris and dust.

This tool does not come with a charger or battery. Those are sold separately. Its changing blade feature is fantastic. Also, it is equipped with an all-metal keyless shoe bevel. It can cut four feature cutting actions. Though it doesn’t accept universal blade, it cutting accuracy gives you another level energy in your woodwork.

Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions 11.2 * 11* 3.9 inches.
  • Product Weight 5.15 pounds.
  • For quality control, it has 4-position orbital action.
  • Accepts T-shank jigsaw blades.
  • Lever action keyless blade for easy and quick blade changes.
  • Bevel with detents at 45 degrees, 30 degrees, 15 degrees, and 0 degrees provides.
  • Variable speed with an adjustable dust blower and anti-slip comfort grip.

2. Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws – JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw – 120V Low-Vibration

BEST WOODWORKING JIGSAWThis Bosch woodworking jigsaw has a tool-less blade changing system and internal precision control. It has an ergonomic top handle, and a variable speed-dial option with an ambidextrous lock-on button. Its four-in-one orbital tool provides various blade strokes for taking on the toughest cut and for smooth to aggressive cuts. For controlling operating speed, it also has accelerator trigger controls. Mechanical technology increases accuracy. If you want to curve cut for your task perfectly, then this handheld jigsaw will be an excellent choice. Under load consistent performance, it has constant response circuitry. Its multi-directional blade clamp supplies superior grip of T-shank blades.

Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions 15.8 * 14.5 * 4.5 inches
  • Product Weight 5.9 pounds.
  • 0 AMP Motor with SMP range 500 up to 3100 and up to 60 hertz.
  • Accelerator trigger for controlling operating speed.
  • Multidirectional blade clamp for delivering superior grip of T shank blades.
  • Low vibration design for increasing accuracy.
  • Ambidextrous lock-on button system.
  • Multi-directional blade clamp.
  • It comes with an adjustable dust bowler.
  • It includes a carrying case, Bevel wrench, Plastic overshoe, Anti-splinter insert, Blade, Jigsaw.

3. DEWALT Jig Saw, Top Handle, 6.5-Amp (DW331K)

BEST WOODWORKING JIGSAWDEWALT (DW331K) Jig Saw has various seed trigger that provides up to 3100 strokes per minute and crawls at 500 SPM. A built-in dust bowler is an outstanding feature of this jigsaw. Its flush cutting system allows you to do precise cuts without dealing with extreme vibrations.

This DEWALT woodworking jigsaw is a little bit heavy, and no LED light comes with it. It also has a Positive bevel that ensures accurateness at the most common angles 45°, 30°, 15°, and 0°. It has a Non-marring plastic shoe cover for protecting glossy or soft materials scratches from the shoe.

Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions 13.5 * 14.5 * 4.5 inches.
  • Product Weight 10.1 pounds.
  • 1 AA battery is required.
  • 5 amp motor with adaptable speed500-3100 strokes per minute.
  • Four-position detour action for handling cut speed and quality.
  • For optimal holding power:- T-shank blades.
  • For easy and quick blade changes, it has a keyless lever act blade clamp.
  • It has an additional -big rubber grip that affords comfort and dampens vibration during prolonged use

4. Makita DJV180Z 18V LXT Cordless JIGSAW

BEST WOODWORKING JIGSAWMakita DJV180Z 18V LXT Cordless JIGSAW is a lightweight and compact jigsaw run through lithium-ion batteries. It offers powerful and smooth cutting at 2600 spm speed. Its two more significant finger speed trigger makes this handheld jigsaw very easy to operate. This model has more control while minimizing hand pain and fatigue and also provides comfortable gripping through its ergonomically rubberized handle. It is a beautifully engineered jigsaw design.

Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions 3.4* 12 * 8.9 inches.
  • Product Weight 5.29 pounds.
  • Three orbital enable the operator to obtain a more aggressive cut.
  • High stroke speed at 2600 spm.
  • LED light for the illuminating cut line.
  • Easily accessible trigger switch.
  • Maximum cut in wood 135mm.
  • For fast blade removal and installation, it has a tool-less blade changing system.
  • It includes a Cover plate, Dust Nozzle, Jigsaw body.

5. TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jigsaw with Laser & LED

BEST WOODWORKING JIGSAWTACKLIFE tool is very much comfortable works longer for its ergonomic handle and anti-skip. It has constant response circuitry with a 6.7Amp 800W jigsaw. It also comes with six blades carrying case: 4 blades for wood &plastic, two blades for aluminum & metal.

This TACKLIFE woodworking jigsaw can make bevel cuts up to 45°. You can quickly clear sawdust by using a dust blower or attaching it to the vacuum cleaner. Its powerful motor generates up to 3000 SPM cutting power. It also has six types of position variable speed that provide cut accuracy and speed control facility.

Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions 9 * 8.7* 3.5 inches
  • Product Weight 7.98 pounds.
  • Aluminum base dust removal pipeline.
  • 7 amp pure copper motor generates up to 3000SPM power cutting.
  • Significant LED light Adjustment with built-in laser guides
  • Always on function
  • Six different speed dial
  • Four switchable laser light
  • Included Components: User Manual, Allen wrench, Dust Exhaust pipe, Ruler, Metal Guide, Jigsaw Blades, and Carrying Case.

6. Makita XVJ03Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw, Tool Only 

BEST WOODWORKING JIGSAWMakita XVJ03Z jigsaw works with Lithium-ion batteries. This precise jigsaw provides impressive cutting performance with lower noise and less vibration with more comfort and control. Its 2600 SPM motor delivers efficient and faster cutting. For added convenience, it has two more significant finger variable speeds trigger. For getting better performance, only use genuine batteries and chargers. Its design is versatile for a range of applications. To protect against discharging, overloading it is equipped with star protection computer controls. For its Lithium-ion batteries, it charges fast, and you can spend more time working and less time waiting for a charge.

Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions 3.6* 12.3 * 9.1 inches.
  • Product Weight 5 pounds.
  • Ergonomic design in a compact size.
  • Two massive finger variable speed.
  • Three orbital settings plus for straight cutting.
  • Includes components: Cover Plate, 4-1/8” 9TPI Jig Saw, No Battery, and charger included.

7. WEN 3602 6 Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw

BEST WOODWORKING JIGSAWWEN 3602 6 Amp Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw provides fantastic results and superior performance with its 6 AMP motor. This tool can adjust work on different speeds that start at 800 to 3000 SPM. This tool setup works in various stroking patter, whether you want a horizontal and a vertical and orbital up to four distinct positions quickly. It has come with additional dust storage facilities. It can cut wood at 4-inches without a problem.

Wen 3602 jigsaw provides versatile and convenient performance.  It has a trigger handle facility; the harder you pressed, the faster-cutting speed you acquire. This tool blade insertion is a little bit unstable and does not fit securely. We can say this is all in all jigsaws that enable precision cutting and heavy-duty. It is an excellent option for intermediate users.

Key Features:

  • Product Dimensions 3 * 9 * 8 inches
  • Product Weight 5.1 pounds.
  • It is built-in LED lights.
  • It comes with a dust adapter.
  • 6 amp motor for powerful cutting.
  • Four orbital speeds setting that allows a variety of quality cuts.
  • Adjustable variable speed up to 800-3000 SP.
  • Lock-on trigger switch.
  • Powerful 6-amp motor for handling 4 inch thick woods.
  • Includes two blades and a jigsaw.
  • Bevel footplate up to 45°.



A good saw is defined according to the quality of the jigsaw blades. So choosing the right blade is very important for your woodworking tasks. So before buying, you need to know that what jigsaw blade you have to select for wood.

It is crucial to use the right blade according to your material. Jigsaw blades come in four categories those are: Carbide for cutting through stainless steel, cement-bonded fiberboards, plasterboard. BIM for Hard material. HSS for non-ferrous, Perspex, aluminum, and copper metal. And HCS is best suited for soft materials like soft plastics, wood fiberboards, and softwood.



Most of the people are used to only straight cuts. But making circle cuts may look complicated at first look, but the reality is, it is an easy task. That’s why people sometimes wonder how to cut a circle in wood with a jigsaw. There are various types of methods available for cutting a jigsaw.

Today we are going to introduce to you how easily you can make a circle of wood with a jigsaw. Before start cutting, you have to collect some essential tools; those are screw clamp, working surface, template, and marker, individual blades according to the material, plywood, or other material, and most crucial jigsaw.

You can cut a circle with mechanical and hand jigsaw. A hand jigsaw mechanism is more straightforward than an eclectic one.  Before starting cutting your wood, you need to pick dry wood. Because wet wood has an increased resistance, so the veneer will be flaking when you cut your wood. It might be harmful to your wood and your saw blade also a jigsaw. And check your blade’s sharpness; if it is not sharp enough, then change your blade.

If you are cutting with a hand jigsaw, it is effortless to cut across fibers. And if you are cutting with an electric jigsaw, try to cut lines along the veneer fibers.  Now transfer circuits to the wood before cutting the circle. Do not try to keep areas with knots, stains, chips, and defects outside the circuit. It can be easily copied to the wood by circling it over carbon paper. Now simply draw a circle with the compasses with the required radius.  With a thin drill, you can make a hole in the wood.  Here are the few steps for cutting a circle of wood with a jigsaw.

  • Insert the saw blade into the hole.
  • Install a narrow blade for electric jigsaw
  • Use a circular knife installed in the center
  • Now start cutting.
  • Do not press it may break or bend your saw blade.




Cutting into wooden letters is also not a tough job at all. You just need to choose the right blade for making these types of cutting. Firstly you should buy thin blades for doing a wooden letter job correctly. Now choose the right wood for completing your task accurately. Your idle wood should not be thicker than ¼ inch. Medium-density fiberboard is highly suitable.

Now the first thing you need is to draw is the letter picture. To find a picture copy or draw by yourself. Start your letter by sketching it on tracing paper because it is easy to transfer the design onto the wood.

  • Once you have finished the drawing, then place your tracing paper on the top of your wood.
  • Stick tightly using masking tape to stay fixed.
  • Then lift tracing paper to reveal the drawing on your wood.
  • Now cutting the letter out carefully with your jigsaw.
  • Inside the letter, drilled holes with a giant drill.
  • Do not look too closely and use safety goggles and other safety materials.
  • After cutting, you can color it by using spray paint.
  • One thing you should keep in mind is that cuts very slowly. Because slow and steady always wins the race.



In the end, if you are planning a tool for a long time to come. We have some suggestions for you that you have first to figure out what kind of projects you are going to do and what features you need for your woodworking task. Primarily it is the best idea to have a versatile jigsaw. But you have also been careful with some extra features.  In our guide, we tryed to introduce you to the best woodworking jigsaw models. Now start the purchase and do not forget to give your valuable opinion. Happy Purchasing!