Handling a saw is not an easy job. The hardest part of using a hand saw is; you can not control the falling speed of the branch, which has been cut from the tree. It can hurt you as well as other plants and animals beneath. So, to avoid such phenomena, the saw production companies produce saws with ropes. Our article is all about how to use a pole saw with rope.

In this article, you will find the easiest way to run a saw with rope. The rope is very much helpful to control the speed of the falling branches or woods on the ground.

What is a pole saw?

A saw will be attached at the head of a pole in a pole saw. You will find two sorts of pole saws in the market. One works in the manual version. Besides, the other comes with a small blade that is regulated by a trigger.

In the manual version of a pole saw, a long pole will be stretched to approximately 10-20 feet. It uses a small chainsaw cutter along with a moderate slope that can be set for multiple angles. You have to use a trigger mechanism to set the speed of the blade.

Now, we are going to guide you on how to use a pole saw with a rope. Read on the steps-

How to Use a Pole Saw with Rope:

Step 1: Clean the Area

Clear a work area by removing lower limbs branches. If you cut the branches part by part, this process will reduce the harm due to the weight of long tree branches. You can use a ladder to fasten the tree branches. Keep the trip hazards such as a garden hose, garden tools, chains, electricity lines out of the area.

Step 2: Planning

After cleaning, plan your preferred pruning branch. It helps to shape your tree well. Start trimming from the horizontal surfaces of the branch.

Step 3: Positioning

Remember, you should not stand under the limbs. Go to a point where you can grab your pole saw at chest height. If your pole is extendable, adjust it to your requisite height. Then, hold the handle of the pole saw towards the branch.

Step 4: Start to cut branches

Are you ready to start cutting? Let’s go through the final cutting step-

  • Slowly, begin the first straight cut of the branch.
  • You should ensure a flat cut to make a notch. This process will help to enhance your speed.
  • Check the broken branch. If it falls off to the ground, the pole saw may slips aside. Immediately stop the cutting.
  • Relocate the saw and do the step again.

Step 5: Cleanup Your Workplace Once More

When limbs fall to the ground, please try to clean everything fast. It is also essential to action initial trims for larger stems. Remove the fallen branch from your area to avoid tripping over it.

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Safety Tips:

I hope you are clear about how to use a pole saw with a rope. What’s next? You should know about the safety tips.

  1. During working with a pole saw, you should wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), goggles, hat, earplugs, gloves, and boots.
  2. Trim with the pole saw in bright weather. Rain can block visibility.
  3. Randomly oil the chain to operate the pole saw smoothly.
  4. If you want to work in a public place, close the area with tape. It will protect people from unwanted accidents.

Final Thoughts:

As you know, the procedure of using a pole saw with a rope, you can buy one without making any mistake. Moreover, you have to be careful all the time while using the saw. Using a saw with a rope can make the cutting process more efficient and smooth. Also, it creates safety around the site of work too.

I hope you will be satisfied with the information about how to use a manual pole saw with rope. If you need any assistance regarding the issue, contact us. We are always here to help you. And we will be glad to be a part of your work. Best of luck!