Band saws enable one to cut materials of all kinds. You can use it for woodworking, lumbering, and metalworking. Of course, that’s what Central Machinery Band Saw can offer you. The speed variation would aid you to cut with maximum flexibility. You can make curve cuts and all other sorts explicitly with this. Nonetheless, the band saw is constructed in a way that one can find easy to use for the execution of small and big projects. You’ll get central machinery band saw review from this article. Just check for more information below.

Central Machinery Band Saw Review | 5 Major Features

Central Machinery Band Saw Review

1. 4 Variable Speeds

The blade on this can revolve in four different rates. The four rates that it revolves are 568, 1,080, 1,582, and 2,529 per minute. Also, there is a function on the machine that makes the frequency of the blade operable. You can even use your manual to identify the specified purpose.

2. Table Tilt

Users can tilt the table from zero degrees to 45 degrees. And guess what? It’s doable with full ease. Unlike some units, this can cut woods, which thickness is close to 14.” The table is cast iron and is not vulnerable to rust.

3. Design

Still, in its design, this has an ergonomic structure. The dimension of the table on the machine is 14″ x 14″. However, the size of the blade it uses is 93.5″ x 3/8″ x 0.02″. Besides, there shouldn’t be difficulties mounting this when the manual is available at one’s reach.

4. Specification

The depth of cut that this does is 6-inch, especially on metals. Aside from that, the height of the unit is 65,” while the length is 19.5.” The width, on the other hand, is 24.5.” There is even a table slot on this that aids in the accurate measurement of the miter gauge.

5. Space-Saver

Check out the band saw from any angle, you’d notice that it’s one you can use to maximize your spaces. The steel material used for it is well designed also.


Why Should You Buy Central Machinery Band Saw?

Power Tool

This is a powerful tool that you can use in a stationary position. It saves you the stress of lugging the unit from one place to another. Nonetheless, you can still change its position.


The product comes with a 90-day guarantee. This is one that you can depend on the warranty for the purchase of this product.

Fascinating Looks

The band saw looks appealing. The saw has an ergonomic structure and can easily be mounted with/without the aid of an expert.


There is a power function on this. With the feature, you can determine its use. Although the material used for the construction of the band saw is metal, yet it provides the maximum safety needed.


The current price of this band saw is about $370. It has the full qualities that would make you enjoy it to the maximum. You’d find the features so complimenting on it.

Product Benefits

  • The brand that made this is the central machinery.
  • There are four variable speed options on this.
  • You can tilt the table from zero degrees to 45 degrees.
  • This can make a throat depth of about 14-inch.
  • This comes with a 30-day warranty.

The pitched unit is one of the most reliable band saws that you can find in the marketplace. Therefore, seize the day and opt for this now.