The food industry also uses it to slash meat with this band saw machine. I like to have intricate, precisely angled, and curved cuts. Working with different tools for many years, now I can conclude that for meeting my requirements, the woodworking band saw is the best. So if you want to buy a woodworking bandsaw you have to know about the best band saw reviews fine woodworking. Well, I can help you with that! You might think that there are many saws out there. Why did I choose the band saw? Well, that’s because I’m not a professional craftsman and I work free-handed. But that doesn’t mean that its work is limited to free handcrafts only. It is a versatile saw. Which professional worker does not know about this tool?

Do you want a tool for resawing? Then use a band saw. You can get rip cuts, cross cuts, cut more extensive materials to smaller ones. The food industry also uses it to slash meat. There are many kinds of power band saws out there. And there are different products of the bandsaw. I have been to many workshops, and I’ve been learning a lot about this tool. Let’s get into the discussion now.

Top 8 Band Saw Reviews Fine Woodworking:

Picture Product Name Description

WEN 3962 TWO Speed Band Saw, 10 Inch

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JET JWBS-14DXPRO Deluxe Pro Band Saw, 14 Inch

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Rikon 10-305 Band saw With Fence, 10 Inch

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Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw, 14 Inch

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Shop Fox W1706 Bandsaw, 14 Inch

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Delta 1 HP Steel Frame Bandsaw, 14 inch

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DEWALT Deep Cut Portable Band Saw, 5 inches

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Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub Compact Bandsaw

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1. WEN 3962 TWO Speed Woodworking Band Saw

Best Woodworking Band sawDo you need a high-quality cutting tool with excellent resawing capacity? Well, then go for this woodworking tool. It is very user-friendly and is one of the best woodworking band saw machines. This form of saw has got an excellent spacious table with it, which is very comfortable to work on. You can get angled cut with it. You can work quickly and easily with it. The addition of LED light is a blessing here. You can quickly assemble it. It is durable and gives a smooth performance!


    • Has a high cutting capability
    • Cuts up to 6 inches
    • Has a 3.5 amp motor and 9-3/4 inch throat
    • The 72 inches blade contributes to giving intricate and significant cuts
    • The longevity and stability of this tool is due to the components made up of aluminum, steel, and other materials
    • Has an LED light which is a flexible work light
    • The spacious work table can level up to 45 degrees
    • The ball-bearing operation gives a long life dependable service
    • Has a 10-inch wheel
    • The 25-inch stand is easy to assemble
    • Miter gauge helps to provide specific angles
    • For collecting dust, it has a 3 in 1 dust port
    • Has an adjustable fence for straight cuts

2. JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14 Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

Best Woodworking Band sawAre you tired of adding a riser block? Do you need a tool to satisfy all resaw expectations? Well, look up to this tool.


    • It has a width of 3.5 inches
    • A built-in 12 inch resaw capacity helps in working with any size of a workpiece
    • Has precision cast iron wheels which are massive and super tough
    • A 1.25 HP, 1 HP 115/230V TEFC motor for tough jobs
    • There are two blades with speeds of 3000 FPM(for most work) and 1500FPM(for tough situations)
    • The 15 by 15-inch table gives an advantage of tilting 45 degrees (to the front) and 10 degrees (to the rear). You can do a massive range of od woodwork with it
    • Features bearing guides(upper and lower) for excellent performance and longer life
    • Has a blade guidepost for attaining accuracy, high performance, and long term usability
    • A dust port with a 4-inch diameter for collecting dust
    • 2-speed poly-V belt drive system helps in better controlling
    • Offers high tension spring design for getting better blade tensioning

3. Rikon 10-305 Woodworking Band saw With Fence, 10 Inch

best woodworking band sawAre you a hobbyist like me? Do you not need a larger cutting capacity? Do you want to work at a slower speed? If so, then you should consider this band saw machine for wood cutting, as this tool will meet your demands.

It is a tool that needs less space and is both affordable and reliable. It contains high-quality parts and has a simple design.

If you are a beginner, then don’t worry! This tool is easy to use, as it is very light.


    • Offers 4-5/8 inch cutting capacity
    • Has a cast iron table that can tilt up to 45 degrees
    • Can separately add a miter gauge
    • The 1/3 HP motor provides power to cut materials
    • The frame is stronger than steel, and it consists of iron and other components
    • Contains a rip fence
    • For clearing dust, there is a dust port
    • There is a large blade tension knob and safety paddle
    • There is a micro-adjustable guidepost to change the guidepost height
    • Has a ball bearing blade guide and thrust bearings

4. Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe 14 Inch Bandsaw

Best Woodworking Band sawDo you want a woodworking tool that not only does crosscuts and resaw but also cut curves, circles? If so, then choose this bandsaw for woodworking.

This tool is the advanced version of Grizzly G0555.


    • It has computer-balanced aluminum wheels (cast iron) and has rubber tires.
    • It has a T-shaped aluminum fence accompanied by a fence scale that is adaptable with blade lead. The level has a magnifying window.
    • Provides a cast iron frame
    • Ball-bearing operation(lower and upper)
    • Has a cast iron frame which is comfortable and is with a tilting capacity(45 degrees to the right and 15 degrees to the left)
    • The dust collection system has a 4-inch dust port
    • Has a 92.5-93.5 inch blade with a speed of 1500-3200 FPM
    • Includes a miter gauge
    • Provides a heavy open frame stand for ripping and cutting
    • Built-in a motor with power 1HP and voltage 110(11 amps)-220V(5.5 amps)
    • It has a maximum cutting height of 6 inch
    • Has an upper blade guidepost
    • Also has a quick let-go blade tension lever

5. Shop Fox W1706 14 Inch Bandsaw

Best Woodworking Band sawIf you are willing to get the features found in ample and more space occupying machines in a proper size tool, then go for this tool.

This tool works with the most power and can cut tight curves. You can achieve exact angles and proper crosscuts. This tool contains so many excellent features that you couldn’t ask for more.


    • This tool provides an extruding fence made of aluminum with robust work support. It contains a scale, and it appropriately adjusts to the desired position.
    • It has a durable and reliable cast iron frame, table, and upper and lower wheels. For a large range of cutting, the precision ground table can tilt 45 degrees to the right and 10 degrees to the left. Wheels offer the lowest amount of vibration
    • Has guides for ball bearing operations(lower and upper)
    • Has an enclosed cabinet stand for storage
    • Reliable belt drive system
    • To clean your workplace, it has a dust collection system with 4″ dust port
    • Quick blade releasing and tensioning system
    • Has a miter gauge for precise cuts and angles
    • It has a powerful motor of 1 HP that operates at 1725 RPM
    • 110 volt(14 amp)/220 volt(7 amp)
    • Blade speed of 1800 and 3100 FPM
    • The maximum cutting height is 6 inch

6. Delta 28-400 14 inches 1 HP Steel Frame Bandsaw

Best Woodworking Band sawDo you want a tool with smooth precision, easy tracking, durability, and big cutting capacity? Do you want the best tool for woodwork? Well, this wood cutting bandsaw machine will satisfy your demand then.

If you are a hobbyist like a small professional worker or me, then be sure that this tool can handle tasks. This is a great tool to cut through woods. You can make straight or pattern cuts with it.


    • Has a powerful motor with 1 HP, 115/220 V
    • Offers a two-speed drive system that makes the tensioning system easy
    • Provides ball bearing operation(upper and lower) for accurate performance
    • Has a cast iron table with a tilting ability of up to 45 degrees
    • Upper and lower 9 spoke wheels are rubber coated and made with durable aluminum. People designed it for superior blade tracking
    • Has a heavy-duty steel frame that features proper finishing
    • 4-inch dust port for dust collection
    • cast iron table. Being oversized gives advantage visibility while adjusting lower blade guides
    • has a speed of 1620 and 3340 FPM

7. DEWALT Woodworking Band Saw, Deep Cut, 10 Amp, 5 inches

Best Woodworking Band sawDo you want a tool with the best deep cut capacity? Then chose this tool. It has a potent motor that provides variable velocity control. It is durable and convenient to use and maintain and has a higher blade life. An LED light is attached to it.


    • has a powerful motor of 10 amp that can put up with any hard task
    • the engine has a speed ranging from 100 to 350 SFM
    • the tool has a cutting capacity of 5 inches. This tool is best for round or rectangular stock. It
    • provides an LED light that helps to work even in darker places
    • integrated hang hook allows the saw to hang without having to put it back and fro
    • accurate blade tracking adjustment
    • offers a handle with which you can grip(ergonomic grip option) adjust comfortably and cut precisely
    • provides an adjustable material guide
    • the tool helps to withstand any job site problem by providing dependable steel covering and rubber bumper
    • it is heated and wear-resistant due to Matrix II High-Speed Steel Edge
    • for increased durability and wear there is 8% cobalt

8. Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub Compact Bandsaw Kit

Best Woodworking Band sawDo you want to know which cordless bandsaw is the lightest? Well, it is this tool. It is comparatively half of the weight and size of the other band saw.

It gives low vibration. Clean cut to the small diameter metal is one of its properties. It has a trigger of variable speed, and the blade size is 27 inches. No battery included. It has a carrying case, and it is a small portable band saw tool. It also involves a 30-minute charger.


    • offers one-handed power and portability
    • gives one-handed cuts
    • has a powerful motor that cuts ¾” in 3 seconds and will provide 150 cuts/charge with the included XC battery. The battery is M12™ XC High Capacity REDLITHIUM™ Battery.
    • Cutting capacity of 1-5/8 inch
    • Fulfilling OSHA guarding requirements, one-handed use becomes suitable
    • Adjustable blade tracking

Final Verdict

A woodworking bandsaw is a versatile tool. Which woodworker does not know about this tool? A band saw woodworking machines are so stable and powerful. Due to its versatility, any woodworker would want it. But choosing the right one is sometimes difficult. Because there is so many woodworking band saw brands out there in the market, you might get confused. Our best band saw reviews of fine woodworking will help you to choose the right one. So at first know your work, and what features on a saw you need, then you can select the Best Woodworking Band saw for you. I hope that I have helped you enough to find the best band saw machine for you.