You can’t afford to let go of this, trust me. The miter saw has a blade guide. The guide is what you rarely need to cut with provisions. It has the full component to carry out cornice cuts, and the vertical cutting of boards is explicit with this also. There are ten positive stops on this. The positive stops only expedite your chances of making perfect cuts. At 15AMP, the motor can revolve at 4,100 per minute. Making bevel cuts on this are fantastic. In fact, adjustability on this is incredible this. You can achieve 60 degrees miters at the right and 50 degrees at the left. You’ll get also other features in our Hercules 12 inch miter saw review. Check out for more below.

Hercules 12 inch Miter Saw Review | 5 Major Features


There are abundant components that make up the miter saw. They all contribute to the awesomeness of the unit. The attachments are the miter saw, 48T 10″ multi-function blade, two Allen wrenches, two 40T 10” blades for woodcuts and plastic cuts, one clamping device, a dust bag and two-side support, a manual, and so on.

Double Speed Adjustment

Users can regulate the use of this Hercules miter saw. You can position workpieces on it in a different fashion. You can adjust the blade fixed on it to your preference.

There is even a blade guard on it that aids in making precise cutting attainable with it. It also serves as the ultimate safety guard for users.

Cutting Capability

This cuts so well. The maximum capacity for cornice cutting is 7.5,” while the maximum ripping for a baseboard is 6.75.”  At 15amp, the motor can propel the blade to make a revolution of 4100 per minute. It’s one that you won’t go wrong with at all.

10 Positive Stops

You can adjust workpieces with the 0 degrees to 45-degree bevel cut options on it. As you move the blade from one angle to another, you can make a total of ten stops. They are there to aid in helping you to attain maximum accuracy.

Double Safety

The saw has a dust collector for keeping the vicinity perpetually clean. The unit has power switches on it that one can use to operate the machine as well.

Is Hercules 12 inch is the Replica of Dewalt DWS780?  

It’s an erratic report that would detail Hercules 12-inch as the replica of Dewalt DWS780 in all ramifications. Besides, one makes a revolution of 3800 per minute while the other makes 4100, yet they both use a 15amp motor. You can see that there is a nuanced difference between them, although they almost look the same. So, they are quite different. Of course, when it comes to the capacity, speediness in cutting, you can depend on Hercules 12-inch than the former. Nonetheless, they both have their similarities and discrepancies.

For more information, let’s find out their similarities and differences for adequate comprehensiveness.


They are both miter saws, and their sizes are the same. The units’ are of 12-inch sizes. As any other miter saw, they have handles on them, which you can use to align the blade with the workpiece that you might be working on at a point in time. Of course, they use the same type of blade because they have the same size. They are portable, and you can use any of them anywhere in your shop.

In other words, if you’ve got a compact space available, you should consider buying any of the two. Furthermore, you can use them to make bevel cuts. And guess what? They have dual bevel cut options. Let me explain; you can make your bevel cuts on both sides. You can cut 45 degrees on your lumber on both sides if you’re using any of the two.


The Dewalt DWS780 has a LED light on it, which serves as the illumination, but the former doesn’t have. Aside from that, the Dewalt DWS780 comes with a blade while Hercules 12-inch comes with nothing.

Hercules’ functionality seems a bit advanced because its 15amp motor can propel the blade to rotate 4100 per minute while the latter’s 15amp engine can revolve only 3800 per minute.  Notwithstanding, the level of accuracy that the user attains depends on the users’ technical know-how.

Final Nuggets

Although they look seemingly the same in all aspects, yet we advise you to purchase Hercules 12-inch so that you can execute your job so fast. However, there would definitely not be regret buying either of the two. They are proven units that would serve anyone’s right.

Why Should You Buy Hercules 12 inch Miter Saw?

User Manual

You can always depend on the use of the manual to use the unit. You don’t even need to have owned one before you’d be able to use this. The details on the manual are enough to be of massive help to you.

Dust Bag

The dust bag on it makes the usability of the machine explicit. With the dust bag, you’ll never mess up the environment.

Quality Reviews

You can check the link we’ve made available to you and see the reviews for yourself. You’ll find out that no buyer has found it wanting. Besides, this has 100% reviewers on it.


The whole material that made up the unit makes it look optimal. You can rely on its capacity and other features to have constant use in all situations.


One thing you can’t take away is that it has the potential to last for a very long time. The materials used for every part, both plastic and metallic, are preen-looking and top-notch.

Product Benefits

  • This has ten positive stops on it.
  • You can use this for 7.5” cornice cuts and 6.75” for board cutting.
  • The 15amp on this makes 4100rpm.
  • There are double bevel optional cuts on this.
  • It comes with the accessories that are needed to have instant use of the unit.


Final Verdict

The Hercules 12-in offers you bevel cuts on both options. The futuristic are premium. In fact, it drives the blade so well that you can have the best use of the unit. In a nutshell, we impugn you to opt for this to have great cutting experiences.