A miter saw is the best method to find that angle just perfect. If you would like to cut baseboard corners without a miter box, then you have to know how to cut baseboard corners without a miter saw.

If you’re wondering whether it is possible to cut baseboard corners without a miter saw — it is. Nonetheless, there’s an artwork to accomplishing this properly so that your baseboards profile regarding the joints alignment and baseboards angle wed upright to your floor and walls. There are lots of techniques you may use, and every one of these needs a different instrument for cutting edge molding, if it is your regular baseboards or crown molding.

Since you can choose from different tools to do this, it ought to be easier for you to replace a miter saw and use something like a regular circular saw, hand saw, or jigsaw cutting pieces of molding. They are very cheap and will make your task easy.

Cut baseboard corners with a circular saw:

With a circular saw, you can cut both low or full-profile baseboards using both straight and square bevel cuts. Now you follow these steps:

  1. Drill four nail holes and place two holes at the top and bottom. Check carefully that holes are not so close to each other.
  2. Use the hammer on each exposed side of the block to put trim nails through the holes.
  3. Quantify and make a mark on the molding in the stage that you wish to cut on it. When it is a miter cut, then mark from either the short or the long stage of the miter, it doesn’t matter that side — but be sure that you check whether it is a left or right-hand miter.
  4. Put the blade thickness on the saw. The blade thickness should be no longer than 1/4 inch deeper than the depth of the molding. By way of instance, if the molding is 3/4 inch, then set the blade thickness at 1 inch. Loosen the wing nut onto the saw guard and proceed up the shield or down to set the thickness. Tighten the nut once completed.
  5. Put it to the edge of the molding. The medial side of the shield ought to be aligned with all the 45-degree facets of this speed square. Pull the trigger and then push the saw ahead, keeping it tight against the rate square. Cut through the molding using a smooth motion after the speed square. Let go of the cause.

Please wear safety glasses when using a circular saw. And you may use the other two types of methods to cut baseboard corners without a miter saw if you do not have a circular saw.