Before explaining how to cut the quarter round without a miter saw, it is necessary to explain what a quarter round is. Not everyone understands the term. It is a piece of wood with two straight sides and a third curved side. The two sides meet each other at an angle of 90 degrees. So, why do you need quarter rounds and what are they used for? They are installed at the base of your wall. When you change your type of floor from carpet to hardwood floor, there’ll be a gap between the floor and the baseboard. So, instead of removing the board and re-installing it, it is better to close the gap by fixing quarter rounds along the wall.

Now, it is quite easy to cut out the straight sides that make an angle of 90 degrees with each other, but getting the curved side is difficult. However, a miter saw makes the task even easier. But what if there is no miter saw, what do you do? This is why you should read this piece. You can actually cut quarter-round without a miter saw. All you have to do is to read this guide to the end. It has been simplified, so you don’t have to be a professional before you understand. Let’s get started.

Steps Involved: How to Cut Quarter Round without A Miter Saw?

To make it easy for you to understand, we have broken it down into several steps. So, you can take it one step at a time. Don’t move to the next step until you understand each step.

First Step:

Measure the length of the baseboard wall where you want to install the quarter rounds. This length will determine the length of the quarter rounds. Be careful to avoid mistakes.

Second Step:

Buy your preferred quarter rounds. The good news is that quarter rounds are quite cheap, so you can buy as many as possible. In fact, we will advise you to buy more than you need because you need extra ones for practice before you actually cut the ones you need. While it is possible, the chances are quite high that you won’t get it right on the first attempt, especially now that you are not using a miter saw.

Third Step:

Set them into their supposed positions as that will guide you on how to cut them. Why it is necessary to cut quarter rounds because of the corners of your walls. Two walls meet each other at an angle, which is often 90 degrees. Now, you need to understand that there are two types of corners. Some corners go inward, while others come outwards.

Fourth Step:

For the ones that go inwards, they meet at an angle of 90 degrees, but you have to cut the tips of the two pieces of quarter rounds at 45 degrees from the front to the back. That way, the back will be longer than the front for both quarter rounds.

For outward corners, you still need to cut the tips of the meeting quarter rounds at 45 degrees again. However, there’s a big difference. Instead of cutting from the front to the back, you’ll do the reverse. You will cut from the back to the front. That way, the front side will be longer than the backside.

You have to measure 45 degrees and mark it on the quarter rounds by drawing a line with a pencil. You can use a simple protractor to get an angle of 45 degrees. Remember that you are only doing this because a miter saw is not available. With it, you’ll just need to set the angle to 45 degrees and cut it.

Fifth Step:

This is where you’ll do the cutting as described above. Cut all the quarter rounds appropriately. We will advise you to practice first with some pieces of wood. When you eventually get it right, you can then cut the quarter rounds.

Sixth Step:

Now, you can install the quarter rounds that you have cut. There are steps involved as well, but we will create another article for that pretty soon. Watch out for it. Now, you have learned how to cut quarter rounds without a miter saw. It is necessary for us to add some safety tips for using a table saw or any other type of saw.

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Cutting quarter-round without a miter saw is not impossible. While it requires some extra preparation and patience, the end result can be quite rewarding. With the right tools and techniques, such as a jigsaw or coping saw and setting up a guide rail system, you can easily cut quarter rounds accurately and efficiently. Be sure to practice your technique before tackling any major projects in order to ensure success.

Tips on How to Use A Table Saw?

How to Use A Table Saw

1. Always wear safety equipment:

Wear hearing protection and safety glasses. You should also avoid loose-fitting dresses, jewelry, and necktie when using a table saw. Protect every part of your body for kickbacks. It is also necessary to use guards to protect your fingers.

2. Tidy your table always:

You are more likely to make inaccurate cuts when your table is filled with all kinds of items. This is why we recommend that you tidy your table and the whole of your workshop before you start working at all.

3. Learn the safety features of your table saw:

A table saw can be dangerous if not well used. Imagine what can happen if the saw mistakenly comes in contact with your finger or any other part of your body. To prevent it, study all the safety features of your table, how they protect you, and how to handle them appropriately.

4. Disconnect power:

When your table saw is no longer in use, please disconnect it from the outlet completely. Do you know why? You could mistakenly touch the power button with your body. When that happens, the saw will slash through any object that is in its way.

5. Keep children and pets away:

You need to keep children and pets away from your workshop. This will prevent them from running into you or startling you when you are making use of your saw.

Conclusively, if you have been reading this write-up from the beginning, you should now know how to cut quarter rounds without a miter saw, and you should have also armed yourself with some safety tips.