As a novice woodworker, the miter saw is most likely one of the most essential tools which need to be on your buy-list in case you don’t already have one. It is one tool that will help you accomplish a lot in your workshop, from fast crosscutting timber to creating rapid repetitive cuts which are true. Although the principle of the performance of this miter saw is rather straightforward and easy to implement, these miter saw hints allow you to get more from it in terms of efficacy and safety. Here we’ll talk about how to cut wide boards with a miter saw. So keep calm and read carefully.

Cut wide Boards with a miter saw

how to Cut wide Boards with a miter saw

In case your miter saw is not a sliding miter saw, the width of the boards you can cut with it’s limited. But you can cut wider boards also with your miter saw although it’s not sliding. Achieving this match is simple, just put a board under the wide board you would like to cut on, then do the cut.

You will notice that your cutting capability increases either by an inch or half an inch, depending on the depth of the plank you placed under it. A different way to cut wider boards would be to cut one side of the board, then flip it on and cut on the other side.

Clamp your workpiece for bevel cuts. Publish it when the blade has fully participated in the wood. It’s possible to make crisp, accurate bevel or miter cuts with a circular saw but it’s tricky. The blade guard can stick & which makes it difficult to get started because the blade is in angle, it’s more challenging to follow a line accurately without twisting the saw and possibly binding the blade.

Two things can allow you to get an excellent secondhand cut. The primary is to clamp the board you are cutting. Clamping permits you to use one hand to lift the blade shield out of the way until the bevel cut starts. The next is to use a straightedge manual as the giant Speed square revealed. It allows you to focus on moving the saw steadily forward without needing to be worried about after the line. When possible, cut with the broader portion of the bed on the “keeper” aspect of the board for better control and more precise bevels. Near the end of this bevel cut, focus on a straight-ahead follow-through

Crosscut Wide Boards On A Miter Saw

how to cross Cut wide Boards with a miter saw

The mini miter saw has a sliding feature for cutting wide boards. To use it, pull the handle toward it then cut this machine handle pushing down. And gradually towards the fence. This way pushes the wood piece against the fence and allows the blade to cut properly. Finally, be sure, let the blade stop before you left the saw and retrieve your piece.

Always wear gloves and safety glasses in case you hit knots or nails/screws in waste lumber. If you are doing many cuts with your miter saw, wear earmuffs or plugs and a dust mask. And Maintain your hand clear of the blade when cutting. You may lose your fingers! Don’t utilize power tools if you’re tired. Poor concentration can cause accidents.

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