Your existing baseboards are due for replacement, or you are about to install new baseboards. At first glance, it seems like an easy job, but secretly it is a time-consuming job. We have handy tips for you to determine the suitable length and angle of a skirting board. We also tell you how to cut baseboard with miter saw. A miter saw is a perfect machine that is used for making precise crosscuts.

Tools Needed for Cutting Baseboard with Miter Saw: 

Measuring tape, Pencil, Safety glasses, Dust mask, Miter saw these tools are needed for cutting baseboard. Before start cutting first, you should know about joint types. There are four types of joints.

  1. A butt joint is for two ends of the workpiece.
  2. A coped joint is one end is butt and another end is cut and trimmed uniformly to perfectly fit in the first end.
  3. Scarf joint made by joining two tapered ends.
  4. Miter joint made by two beveled parts that form a 90-degree corner at 45 degrees.3

Steps to Follow:

  1. First steps, you must have fixed the cutting point and ensure the cut angle. And before placing any cut, you should search for a longer wall than your baseboard. It will make your job easy.
  2. Very clearly, and carefully measure your cut board.
  3. Now set your machine before cutting. And make sure that you are wearing hearing protection, safety glass, and many other safety materials.
  4. Now position your baseboard in your previously setting angle. Make a scarf joint if you plan to work with two pieces for your first wall.
  5. Now cut the scarf joint in the middle first place your board and cut the end of the first board on a 45-degree angle.
  6. After that, you smoothen this board by sanding it. Do not over-sand make sure heads are exposed.
  7. If you are going to cut inside corner joint called copied joint. Flush against the wall at a 90-degree angle of one piece of baseboard.
  8. Set down the other board and face down on the floor. And mark it using pencil and cut along the profile you signify.
  9. Make proper bevel cut around 1/16 inch would be high at least 90-degree angle.

If you want to cut miter joints for the outside corner, then, first of all, get your outer edge and set the piece in order. Then carefully mark the place where you want to meet another portion of the outside corner. Now use your miter to cut the baseboard at a 45-degree angle and make sure the second piece is also cut the same way.

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So here are the best ways you can cut your baseboard with a miter saw. Make sure to test your baseboard before fitting and nail it in place. And remember accurately provide some wood glue before joining two pieces together. And make an accurate measure distance between the door casing and the wall.