Are you new to the woodworking business and do not know how to fold a bandsaw blade? If this question applies to you, then you will find this article helpful. A bandsaw is ideal for cutting curves. You may use it for irregular shapes.

It is a machine that you will find useful if you want to succeed in the woodwork business. One other advantage of this equipment is that it is suitable for cutting different materials. Apart from woods, you can also use this machine to cut timbers and even metals.

Band saws have a smaller kerf, so they do not produce a lot of sawdust. This development implies that they prevent material wastage due to their smaller blades.

How to Fold a Band Saw Blade?

There are different models of band saws. The method you see here will suffice for all band saws. To fold a bandsaw blade, you should follow the steps below.

1. Read the manual

Before you operate your bandsaw, ensure to read the manual. Apart from learning how to use the bandsaw, the manual will also show you some safety precautions. Never forget that a bandsaw is not a machine that you can start using without learning about the warnings.

2. Wear gloves and safety glasses

We told you that you should read the manual before you start to use your band saw. In the manual, you will see that you need to wear thick gloves and glasses as safety precautions before you do anything. It is advisable to cover your skin as much as possible. This initiative will prevent you from accidentally cutting yourself when folding the blade.

3. Set the bottom of the blade on a level surface

Hold the blade with two hands. When you are doing this, ensure that the teeth point away from you. You can hold the bottom of the loop to the floor with your foot.

4. Push the two sides of the blade together

When you hold the blade firmly to the ground, push the two sides of the blade together. You can also push the blade downwards until the sides of the blade meet. While compressing the blade, you will notice that the blade forms a loop at the top.

5. Twist the blade to form two loops

While a loop is forming at the top, twist the blade to form two loops. What we mean is that you should twist the blade until you form a figure-8 pattern. Continue twisting to create more loops. You can make up to five loops depending on the length of the blade. Try to take things slowly so that you don’t lose control of the blade.

6. Coil the blade

After creating the number of loops you want, the next thing is to coil the blade. As advised earlier, try to be careful to avoid losing control of the blade.

7. Tie the loops together

Once you are able to coil the blade, tie the loops together with a wire tie. If the edges of the blade are thin, then you can use a twist tie. Keep the blade off the ground to avoid an accident. If you leave it on the floor, someone may accidentally step on it.

So, you’ve learned how to fold a bandsaw mill blade. Actually folding a band saw blade is not so hard. Beginner workers also able to do this. If you were looking for how to fold a saw blade or how to fold your band saw blade then hopefully this article is for you. Best of luck.