You can never underestimate the importance of a bandsaw to woodworking projects. You can use a bandsaw to cut different materials such as wood, timber, and metal. The good thing is that you can make straight cuts on workpieces using this equipment. This tool is ideal for cutting tight curves. It is also suitable for making crosscuts. If you are going to start a woodworking business, you need to understand that these cuts are not easy to make. It would be best if you had the right equipment to achieve this.

One great difference between a bandsaw and other cutting machines is the blade. The band saw has smaller blades or kerf, which makes it produce a small amount of sawdust. This development enables you to avoid wastages that may result from a large amount of sawdust created when you use other machines.

How to coil a bandsaw blade?

To store a bandsaw, you need to coil the blade to avoid taking up a lot of space. To coil a bandsaw blade, these steps will suffice for different models of bandsaws. You already know that bandsaws have different features.

Read the manual

A bandsaw manual will be able to explain how to coil the blade for storage. When you go through the manual, you will learn a few other important pieces of information. You know that bandsaws have sharp edges, so it is crucial to learn about the safety precautions that you need when handling the blade.

Wear thick gloves and protective eyewear

The first safety measure is to wear thick gloves and protective eyewear. This will prevent you from accidentally cutting yourself or protect your eye from the blade. Your eyes are a delicate part of your body, and therefore, deserve to be protected from sharp objects.

Hold the place with both hands

To coil a bandsaw blade, you should hold the blade with both hands. Make sure that the edges point away from you. You can also hold it to the ground and press it firmly with a foot so that you don’t lose control of the blade. Try to compress the blade with your two hands or push down the blade to compress it.

Twist your hand

As you push the blade down, twist your hand in a half-turn. You should cross one hand over the other while your foot is still pressing one part of the blade to the ground. Continue to twist your hand in the same motion to coil the blade. It would help if you equally continued to push the blade down while coiling the blade. The blade should now form three loops.

Hold the loops tightly

When coiling a bandsaw blade, it is a great job to form three loops. You can continue to fold the blade until you make about four or five loops. At least, you need to create three loops. Gather the loops together.

Secure the coiled blade with a wire tie

Now that you have successfully coiled a bandsaw blade, secure it with a wire tire. It is safe to keep now. Ensure that you do not leave it on the floor to avoid a domestic accident.