Not every miter saw that’s in the marketplace has a laser on it, but we like lasers. And part of the reason is accuracy, which is fine. A more significant reason is the safety thing. Which is when saws got a laser, it shows you exactly where the blade is going to cut. So it gives you a great indicator of where your hand should not be. Now, if you own a miter saw that doesn’t currently have a laser on it all is not lost; this saw did not have one on it, but you can see our miter saw laser attachment.

Miter Saw Laser Attachment Guide:

When you put down your miter, saw blade with a handle, this laser shows on your wood. So here’s the deal there are available in the marketplace device like circle wheel. This is just an arbor washer. It replaces the arbor washer on the machine. And what happens is that when we turn the saw on, and this starts to spin that motion that centrifugal forces cause a switch to close, which causes a laser to come on which shows the laser on your work.

Now the downside of these things they are not fine-tunable. So if a saw came with a laser in all likelihood, you could adjust it left to right to micro-adjust its position relative to the blade. So you can get much accuracy on it. For accuracy, these are not bad but as we said, what we do like is the safety aspect, which is whenever the blade is running the lasers on. Now that’s the thing to think about if the saw came with a laser it’s already built-in it’s probably on all the time or you can turn it on and off.

So even when the blade is not running the laser is being thrown on your work. In the case of these, because they require the blade to be spinning, the laser is only going to be on when the saw is on a little bit of a downside. But we do like the fact that it throws a laser line on your material directly line with the saw blade shows you where the blade is going to cut. So gives you that great idea of where your hand should not be. Look for these at woodworking specialty stores on websites that carry them. Make sure that when you are going to get one, it is going to fit your particular model of saw. So that you know it’s going to work. So we can say that it’s a great addition to the miter saw industry.

Attachment Guides of Your Miter Saw Laser:

How to Adjust Your Laser Guide

Now, we are going to show you how to fix the laser guide on your miter saw. Different brands and models have different systems for laser adjustment, but the necessary steps are almost the same saws with laser guides.  To adjust, you will need a padlock. With the saw unplugged, make sure the miter and bevel angles are set to zero degrees. Using the work clamp secure a piece of material up against the miter fence. Plug the saw back in and make a slight cut, scoring the wood.

Allow the blade to come to a complete stop and raise it back up. Unplug the saw and use your padlock to lock the switch trigger. This will protect against accidents starts. Plug the saw back in and turn on the laser guide. Using the laser adjustment turn either clockwise or counterclockwise. The laser is aligned correctly when it’s lined up with the left edge of the kerf. Once your laser is adjusted and aligned correctly, you can remove the padlock. We hope this has been helpful to you. As always, make sure the proper safety gear when you are ready to get to work.

Product Benefits:

  • Make a more accurate and brighter line.
  • The thinner design allows it to fit more saws.
  • Installation is fast and easy.
  • The best way to turn your miter saw into a precision cutting.
  • The Centrifugal switch activates the laser automatically.
  • It improves safety for showing the cutting point of the blade.


  1. What size battery does it use?

  • Watch batteries: LR44, A76, V13GA, PX76A
  1. How do u turn it on?

  • It’s turned on by a centrifugal force. Turning the saw on turns the light on. Then it automatically turns on.
  1. Can you use 2? One on each side of the blade?

  • No, it only fixes on the left side. But it works well – definitely, the best laser indicator for a miter saw that I have seen – and I have seen most of them.
  1. What use is a laser guide that only comes on when I activate the blade? I need to position the wood before activating the blade.

  • Your pencil mark allows you to set the rough cut, turning the blade on enables you to identify the precise cut. Otherwise, you would spend your time changing batteries because you forgot to turn it off
  1. Will this laser guide work with a saw with the blade mounted on the left side?

  • Yes, it works.

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Final Verdict:

At last, we are at the ending edge of our article. We believe this miter saw laser attachment guide is beneficial for you. On the off chance that you think we forgot about one that is significant or have a recommendation for a future article, let us know in the comment section.