Miter saw regular tasks is regular crosscuts. For the cutting board, you will need a miter saw. Though others saw as a radial arm saw, handsaw or a circular saw can complete the task but a miter saw will do this woodwork much better with perfection. Chicago electric miter saw give some incredible output in the miter saw industry. They are very stable and robust than other brands in the market. You can easily place it on the workbench and it will not move a little a bit, and you can do your precise cut accurately.


There are lots of miter saw available in the market. All of them are not good and adequately described. Now we are going to give you some review of this Chicago electric miter saw. In Chicago electric miter saw review, we will show you some of the best miter saw buying in this year. We will also focus on how to unlock this miter saw.

1. 10 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw  

CHICAGO ELECTRIC MITER SAW REVIEWThis 10 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw is the perfect option for most of the people. This miter saw blade can easily be fit in 12-inch miter saw. It is also budget-friendly if you are going to a tight budget. You can easily make your precise cut with this miter saw. It has some issues like it might not cut clean and blade guard sometime might not work. It comes with 15 amp powerful motor, which can cut through hardest boards.

Key Features:

    • 15-amp motor.
    • Cord length 6-3/4 foot.
    • Product weight is 30.4 pounds
    • The product dimension is 27.5x 19.9x 16 inches.
    • A bevel cut is 45 degrees.
    • Easy access brushes.
    • For smooth and stable cut dual linear slide rails included.
    • Make precision miter, bevel, and crosscuts.
    • Use up to 20% of industrial tasks
    • Used up to 90% of cutting jobs.
    • The included component is bare-tool and steel material.
    • Spins faster than 12-inch counterparts.
    • twin metal standouts give you about 5″ of extra support width per side

2. 12 Inch Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw 

CHICAGO ELECTRIC MITER SAW REVIEWThis 12 Inch Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw can cut through even on the hardest of boards. This miter saw can make your work faster and easier. You can quickly achieve precise and smooth cuts using this saw. If you need a powerful miter saw in a tight budget, then this one is for you. It works fabulously and makes accurate and smooth cuts.

Key Features:

    • The product dimension is 13x 5x 1 inch.
    • Product weight is 52 lbs.
    • Corded electric power source.
    • Precise cut without having to recalibrate.
    • Offer solid construction
    • Trigger activated laser guide system.
    • It comes with XPS cross-cut alignment system.
    • Improved ultra-bright LED
    • The slope is 45 degrees left or right.
    • Powerful 15-amp motor and maximum rpm are 3800.
    • It comes with dual liner slide rails for stability.
    • Includes adaptor, laser guide, extension bars, cord storage hooks, table clamp, dust bag, and aluminum machine fence.

3. 14-inch Industrial Cut-Off Saw 2 HP

14-inch Industrial Cut-Off Saw 2 HP provides excellent quality gamut. It comes with a high performance of 15 amps with two horsepower motor through masonry with ease and meta. It has also fully shielded bearings that ensure smooth operation. This industrial chop saw is a tool that’s designed to house either a 12 inch and or 14″ cutoff wheel.

Key Features:

    • 15-amp high-performance motor and 2 HP motor to slice through metal.
    • A maximum speed of 3500 RPM.
    • Product width 11 inches and product height 16 inches.
    • Table dimension 25.2
    • Cutting angles 45 degrees.
    • Accessories Included hex wrench
    • Blade 14’ diameter.
    • Depth stop adjustable.
    • Cutting thickness maximum 4-1/4 inch.
    • 45 degree left and right guide palate adjusts.
    • Brushes are easily accessible.
    • For smooth operation, fully shielded bearings available.
    • For a quick wheel change, a spindle lock is included.


The lock on the miter saw is very crucial since they help the carpenter or woodsman to move the saw when functioning securely. Locking also allows the saw to maintain a fantastic working state for future use. For that reason, it’s essential to be familiar with the locking and unlocking of a miter saw. Now in terms of unlocking Chicago electric miter saw: If you look up the Operator Manual on the internet and you also see it says the arm could be released by pulling out a tiny ball on the ideal side of this joint. Our small ball was lost and there was just a little nut on the end of a bolt. Get a screw point and work it under the nut and lever out the thing as though you were yanking it. It’s a small rod that slides out to lock the arm.

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All in all, the Chicago Electric miter saw feels a little less beefy than expensive saws, so we guess it will require adjustments more frequently and won’t stand up to abuse also. If we had a saw that could take daily job site beatings, we would probably shell out for a more expensive version. However, for the weekend cutting, we do nowadays, saving $400 sounds pretty damn good.