We are using this article to provide a Performax table saw review. A woodwork professional needs to know the best models of his work tools. Many table saws are available in the marketplace. The Performax table saw is one such.

Woodcutting requires precision and accuracy. When you make the wrong cut, it can destroy the workpiece and even the whole woodworking project. This is why you need the best saw for your business. Table saws make it easier to make perfect cuts. But they have different features and prices. So, based on this, it may be challenging to choose the most suitable table saw for your specific needs.

The Performax table saw is one of the versatile cutting machines in the market today. It is equally popular among woodwork specialists. We will explain the reason for this popularity later.

Performax table saw | some features

These are some of the features of this wood cutting Performax Saw machine:


This Performax Saw is a robust and durable table saw. It can also withstand the weight of large wood stocks. So, this table saw is recommendable for industrial uses. Performax table saw ratings also not bad.

The cutting capacity

This is a top-quality machine. And with a 10-inch blade, it will cut through thick workpieces with ease. If you work with large wood stocks a lot and you need an industrial-grade table saw, having this particular saw will not be a bad idea.

The price

This product may be a little expensive, but it is relatively cheaper compared to other similar units. But, that notwithstanding, if you want a quality product, you should be able to pay for it. You are going to enjoy your money’s worth in the long run.


Versatility is another feature of this table saw. The saw can make six different types of cuts. These are cross cuts, rip cuts, miter cuts, bevel cross cuts, bevel rip cuts, and bevel miter cuts. From this development, you can understand how useful this table saw is.


  • This table saw is ideal for cutting thick wood stocks that are up to 3 and ½ inches thick.
  • The table saw supports the 10inch blade.
  • It has a plastic cabinet that includes a dust extraction port.
  • The saw is equipped with a riving knife.
  • A blade guard protects this table saw.
  • The saw has wheels for easy transportation.
  • Its leg stand is foldable, which is convenient for easy storage.
  • The extension table has a ripping capacity of 30inches.
  • The saw is simple to use, and it’s maneuverable with one hand.
  • This machine is suitable for various cutting applications.


  • This product has no negative reports, and therefore, has no con. The only challenge is getting one to buy because there are only a few models of this brand in the marketplace.


How to maintain a Performax table saw?

These steps or tips will aid you in maintaining this table saw:

Read the manual

Do not immediately start to use this machine after buying it. Like every other machine, ensure that you read the manual first before you operate it. You will find a lot of warnings and safety precautions in the manual when you read it.

One important warning is to always use a recommended blade for your table saw. Failure to adhere to this warning may result in personal injury. Another warning is always to make sure that you assemble the blade guard before cutting to avoid serious personal injury. We advise that you read the manual to see other warnings, and to heed those warnings to prevent suffering from injuries.

Always disconnect the machine from electrical outlets

When the machine is not in use, ensure that you disconnect it from all power sources. Also, to carry out any service, repair, or maintenance on your machine, always disconnect the table saw from all electrical outlets.

To prevent the blade from becoming dull quickly, always clean it using gum and pitch remover. You should also clean the blade regularly to remove sawdust. You can use a resin solvent to do this.

How to replace the Performax table saw blade?

To replace the blade on your Performax saw, please follow these steps below:

Unplug your saw

We are reiterating that you should always unplug your machine from all electrical outlets before carrying out any work on it. Not doing this can result in a serious injury, especially when you have to handle sharp blades.

Unscrew the knob on the side of the saw

There is a red knob on the side of the saw. This knob connects the saw blade with the blade’s storage area. Unscrew the knob. You may need a wrench for this purpose. Blade replacement may require using two open-ended wrenches. These wrenches may come with the table saw as accessories.

Remove the blade guard

After unscrewing the knob or bolt that attaches the blade to its storage area, remove the blade guard and the pawl.

Turn height adjustment handwheel

Turn the height adjustment handwheel counterclockwise. This will enable you to lower the position of the blade. When the saw blade is in its lowest position, remove the table insert.

Use the open-ended wrenches

To change your blade, you need two wrenches as the tools to use. Stick one wrench in the inner blade flange to firmly hold the blade via the notch in the flange. Use the other wrench to unscrew the arbor nut. Remove the washer.

Remove the blade

After removing both the arbor nut and the washer, it should now be easy to remove the blade. Be careful when removing the nut and washer so that they don’t fall into the blade storage area. If any of them falls into it, you may need to use a new one.

Install the new blade

Install your new blade now. Be careful when handling the blade because it is sharp. Also, make the teeth of the blade point towards you when installing the blade. Fixing the blade that way makes it work as it should since it follows the rotational pattern of the saw.

Final Verdict

With everything that we discussed in this Performax table saw review, we hope that you learned a lot about the wood cutting machine in question. This saw offers all the features you may need from a standard table saw. If you are starting a woodwork business and need a good table saw, we recommend the Performax table saw.