What size miter saw do I need for crown molding? This is a common question that maximum people ask when it comes to miter saws. Crown moldings have been invented from old Greece and it earned vast acceptance. Everybody loves it for its royal design and fancy components. Definitely, it can be a classy expansion to any household, but you should cut the trim lengths precisely to fitting into the angles. Regardless of whether you sized it at a 45-degree point or 22.5 degrees, the process is the same. Only a crown molding miter saw makes the process significantly simpler.

What size miter saw for crown molding

The typical size of the crown molding miter saw differs based on the size of the decoration that will certainly be cut. The crown molding miter saw size must be two-fold that of the dimension of the crown developing. For instance, a crown molding that is 5 inches in size; the saw sharp side ought to be 10 inches wide. In the case of 6 inches, use a miter saw that is 12 crawls in wide. Regardless, if the trim size is greater than 10 inches, we recommend making use of a compound miter saw that has a 12-inch sliding sharp edge.

Miter saws typically arrive in a 10″ or 12″ variety. The larger the dimension, the lot more the saws consider, yet they’ll have the option to reduce the massive variety of things with a solitary dive of the saw. They’re also a little expensive.

At the onset, we assessed some 12″ saws, considering that they’re appropriate for a vast assortment of tasks; nevertheless, virtually the whole of the saws we attempted had a 10″ variety too. You may need to go to that program in case you’re simply dealing with recognized timber, such as 2x4s, or in case you’re primarily reducing harder materials.

The method is extremely simple: littler reducing sides transform quicker. Higher RPMs make sure a smoother cut. So a 10-inch new wave that turns at 5000 rpm will make a precise and accurate cut than a 12-inch edge that turns at 4000 rpm.

10-Inch vs. 12-Inch Miter Saw Summary

10-Inch vs. 12-Inch Miter Saw Summary

When deciding between the 10-inch and 12-inch miter saw there are lots of points that you will need to consider so regarding making the right choices. First, you must think about your long-term demands.

If you want something for use around the workshop for the little jobs the 10-inch saw will be simply great. Nevertheless, if you are a professional that takes care of big tasks. Something much more effective like the 12-inch saw is the very best for you. A large saw will increase your performance. Also, guarantee you can finish the projects quickly as well as move to the next one. Additionally, if you need something a lot more powerful every so often, it is much better to rent a 12-inch from an equipment store than acquire one.

Lastly, if you decide that the 12-inch saw is the very best for you, it is a better idea to go with one that can deal with both 10-inch and also 12-inch blades. It will provide you with much more comfort and also flexibility.