Delta S26-263L Shop master 10 Inch Sliding Miter Saw with Laser is best for individuals for professional carpentry. It deals with a massive amount of facilities and has one of the essential cross-cutting skills than any other sliding miter saw. However, you can modify the front slant, you can set the machine closer to dividers in light of the guiding structure, and it comes with a smooth articulating arrangement of guide arms that are remarkably naive to modify. Dissimilar to altered saws we looked into, this one has a nice residue assortment too. But the problem is, it has a lack of security highlights, so keep in mind that while functioning with it. So read the Delta Shopmaster Miter Saw Review here and get the idea about it.

This Delta Shop Master miter saw will allow you to undertake a variety of cutting projects. This miter saw works with a 10-inch blade and has a safety brake. It is fitted with a dust sensor that simplifies cleaning. Its laser guide allows precise cutting, and its positive stops for miter and bevel angles enable precise positioning for the most commonly used angles.

Wait. There is more- S26-263L Shop master 10″ Slide Miter Saw comes with robot-like arms, made from high-grade aluminum making the process so plane. Moreover, when it folds, you can effortlessly move the saw head & fro. The 120v, 15 amps, and the brushed engine is ground-breaking and we had zero issues utilizing the saw to cut encircling stock. An electric edge brake eases back and rapidly prevents 4000 RPM from cutting edge to turning.

Key Features of Delta Shopmaster Miter Saw:

  • It has inbuilt a 1-1/2″ dust port and accompanies a residue sack that functions just like some other residue pack. At this point when associated with a residue extractor, it worked well indeed.
  • Robust bearings make smoothness in movement. Delta likewise implicit pressure changer options so you can choose your customized travel strain.
  • The saw has a double slant limit of 45° left and 45° right with front incline discharge and seven positive stops at the most well-known slant edges.
  • It weighs is only 27 lbs.
  • This is powerful to cut nominal 4”*4, 2*6” at a 90-degree angle.


  1. It is portable, small, and lightweight.
  2. For safety issues, it included blade guard safety.
  3. The miter angle range is very decent.
  4. Cut making process is so much convenient.


  1. Power is minimal
  2. Capacity is also limited
  3. A little bit vibrates.

So if you want to make an accurate cut, this machine is relatively easy and comes with the right bevel and slide function. It may have some vibration issues and power is limited but it is worth value for the shop master. While this is not a saw anticipated for a heavyweight, everyday use, this is an excellent addition for those minor projects and at its price point, many DIY users will discover this an excellent addition to their power toolset. So collect your machine right now and do not forget to give your valuable opinion. Happy purchasing!!!

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