Entrepreneurs have several tools that they use for their projects and works. Among these tools is what is known as the miter saw. If you do not know what a miter saw is and what it is for, now is the time to learn about this tool that entrepreneurs can not do without. The miter saw is, therefore, essential in several types of work such as, for example, cutting plinths, cleats, or even strips. It is the best way to achieve your goals and all with the most excellent precision.

Miter saw is not cheap at all. It is an expensive one. It may cost $300-$1000 to acquire a miter saw. Everyone can’t afford it. Especially if you are not a professional woodworker and need woodworking tasks for a simple few hours’ jobs, then you do not need to buy it. So what should you do then? It would be best if you rent a miter saw. Now we are going to show you how much does it cost to rent a miter saw.

You can rent a miter saw for your home woodworking task. Companies charge you a monthly, daily, or hourly basis. Miter saw rent prices vary based on its brand, quality, size, and location. Here we are going to give you an idea about your miter saw renting prices.


This type of miter saw has a small blade and perfect for a small task. It’s almost cutting capacity 3 ½ * 12. The average renting cost per day is $36 per week, $96, and month $280.


This miter saw blade diameter is 10 inches with a powerful 5000 RPM. It has a 2* 6-inch crosscut capacity also. Average rental cost per hour $4, Per day $40, per week $100, and Monthly $300.


This type of miter saw is a very powerful machine and a 12-inch blade diameter. Average Rental Cost per hour $5, per day $50, per week $150 and per month $400.

When you rent a miter saw, you also get some tools with a machine-like sawdust catcher, bevel digital display, compact slide system, and laser guide. And some guidelines you must check when purchasing a miter saw.

  1. Pay attention to the sales tax on rentals.
  2. Environmental fees added or not.
  3. What includes with a machine
  4. Any hidden charges

So we hope you get a clear idea about getting a miter saw for your small home task. Check on google and search near your miter saw shop form where you can rent your miter saw. And before buying, do some bargaining and check properly.