When it comes to a miter saw most people are confused and ask a common question about what size miter saw to cut 4×4 or which miter saw they need. For deeper cut 12 inches, a miter saw is enough and for economic and standard cut 10-inch smaller size miter saw is perfect. But these miter saw blades come in different sizes. Woodworking enthusiasts and amateurs are not able to tell which size saw they need for different angles and dimensions.

What Size Miter Saw to Cut 4×4?

If all you want is a miter saw for cutting 4x4s, I would certainly recommend staying with a routine, 10-inch miter saw. For cutting items such as 4 x 4 and other straightforward pieces of timber, you don’t need anything fancy. You may indeed use a 12-inch miter found on timber 4x4s, but that’s rather unnecessary. Save yourself some cash and use a typical 10-inch miter saw. The entire procedure is effortless. Have a speed square and indicate all four sides of the 4 ×4 rod. After doing this, be sure that you set the wood at a straight angle when compared with the blade. Likewise, make sure that it locks in carefully on the fence and keeps it in position using a vise or a clamp. Then, the blade should go in approximately 2.5 inches deep. With only three cuts, the bit should come.

Can a 10 Inch Miter Saw Cut 4×4?

If you want to cut something, you have to see the physical appearance of the object. You will need an instrument to cut a piece of wood into 4X4. Also, this has to be cheap too.

Some people use saws of the circular shape to cut a 4X4, but this will not give you a good result. Working with the circular saw is time-consuming. Moreover, the saw does not offer fine and smooth finishing to the cut-out.

And here is the best solution for you! A ten-inch miter saw fits perfectly for cutting a perfect 4X4 piece of wood. The miter saw helps you cut the wood nicely and smoothly. It is the right choice because of its functioning and super affordable price.

But there is one thing if you won’t cut the piece in one go, then the ten-inch stationary saw can not serve the purpose. On the other hand, if you have a tight budget that can only afford the ten-inch stationary miter saw, then one suggestion for you. Try to buy a sliding miter saw. You can cut the wood easily with the help of the saw. The sliding type is designed to work back and forward.


How do you Cut a 4×4 with a 10 Inch Miter Blade?

It is tough to answer the question of whether a 10-inch miter blade can cut a 4X4. But surprisingly, the answer is positive. If you fill the requirements, cutting with the 10-inch miter blade will be more fun.

At first, you will need to adjust the blade guard of the saw to increase its functionality. If you can make the blades cleaner, the 4×4 cut will come out smoothly. By following the step, the 10 inches miter blade can split an even single piece of wood.

If you can not do the blade guard part, there is another way. Let us focus on using a sliding dual bevel miter saw. This type of miter can provide you with more speed and motion.

These are the steps to cut 4X4 with a 10-inch miter blade.

  • Safety first:

You have to be very careful while holding and pressing the saw on the wood.

  • Adjust the blade:

Set the blade at 90 degrees to cut a perfect 4X4 perfectly.

  • Label the length:

Mark the length on the wood. So, you can run the saw according to the line.

How to Cut A 4X4 Stock Using A 10 Inch Miter Saw?

Before starting the task, you will need the necessary stuff that keeps you safe from any accident by the saw. You have to be equipped with protective goggles, a pair of square earmuffs.

Let’s follow the steps for cutting a 4X4 efficiently-

  • Point out the stocks:

In the first step, mark 4×4 from a large piece of wood. Without doing so, you can cut an uneven piece and will make your work tougher. You can use a pencil to point out a 4X4 measurement.

  • Prepare the saw:

Marking and drawing are easy but cutting according to is not so easy. You have to be very careful.

Before cutting the wood, place the saw perfectly. Hold the saw at a 90-degree angle to start correctly.  You can use a scale to get a perfect 90 degrees.

  • Hold the saw professionally:

Now, you can start cutting. Be careful because, at first, the saw can give you a kickback. So, to prevent such accidents, hold the saw like a professional. With the 10-inch sliding miter saw, you can cut 4X4 in one go. But you have to keep the saw correctly so it can cut the wood according to the measurements.

By following the steps, I am sure you can cut a 4X4 like a professional. Keep reading for further guidance.

Will a 12 Inch Blade do a Better Job?

A 12-inch miter saw needs to be sliding because it can cut a 4×4 with its traditional version. The saw has stronger and more flexible stocks than a 10 inch. So, if you can afford it, do not hesitate to buy a 12-inch miter saw.

As a 12-inch miter saw has more blades’ teeth than 10 inches, the cutting takes less time. Also, the cut comes out smoother and evener. After discussing all facts, a 12-inch miter saw is a right choice.


Here is some cutting model of a miter saw given below:

1. Miter Cut: This is a Cut into the length of a bit, in which the blade placed at any angle apart from 90 degrees. You can either create left or right miter cuts. Miter cuts are often utilized to make miter combines (standard in pipes, picture frames, etc).

2. Bevel Cut: A bevel cut can only be made by using a compound miter saw. Bevel cuts are cuts to the diameter of a piece, which are made at an angle less than 90 degrees. They frequently perform to modify the border of a bit (possibly for safety purposes or to make it seem better).

3. Crosscut: Crosscuts are the significant 90-degree cuts that go along the width and part of a piece. These cuts are very standard for framing planks or for doing decks.

4. Compound cut:  Compound cuts are a Mix of bevel and miter cuts. They’re cuts at angles other than 90 degrees, Created to both the length and width of a bit. You’ll Need a Compound miter saw to perform this type of cut.


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So for a proper cut of any size first thing, you need to learn how to use 10 inches and 12-inch miter saw adequately. Sometimes getting it done right is more important than just getting it done.